Friday, May 27, 2011

EOTD: Extreme Butterfly Look

Today, it's my mom's birthday, and because of that, I wanted to do something special. My mom is the greatest mom in the world, so she deserves something special :) She absolutely adores butterflies, so I thought it would be fun to recreate one of her favourites, the Papilio Machaon (also known as a common swallowtail), with makeup.

Products I used:

Sleek sunset, Catrice (LE) Lashes to Surprise, Born Pretty Store nail art stones, Sugarpill Steall, Gosh palette(name was lost due to a sticker), Barry M kohlpencil, Gosh Black Ink eyeliner. Later on I added a bit of Sugarpill Starling aswell.

I used the Hema eyeshadowbase on the side of my eye, to make sure the eyeshadow would stay put and show up on cam. Then I used the Barry M kohlpencil to draw the baseform of the butterfly. I also made a little line above my eye, that ended in the butterflywing.

 Then I started filling it in with the yellow Gosh eyeshadow. This one didn't hold well on cam, so later on I added some yellow from the Sunset Sleek palette.

 I used the blue from the Sunset palette aswell. Same with the small dot of red on the bottom.

Then I added the Catrice lashes with the silver butterflies and the little line below my eye.

I used the Born pretty store nail art stones, to add some bling to the look. I also used it for the red dot, to make it pop out more. I liked the effect so much, that I did the same with the yellow pieces on the side.

After taking some pics, I decided to add some Sugarpill Starling to the blue areas to give it some more bling.

I also added some Sugarpill Stella, to give it some extra sparkles in the black spots.

 Finally, I re-drew the outlines with Gosh Black Ink, because the kohlpencil wasn't dark enough for the pics.

And this is the end result:

So, what do you think?
I posted a little sneak preview of this look a while ago, when I just did it, and Kashmira liked it so much, she did her own version of it. Check that one out HERE.

congratulations on this special day. 
I hope you like this post, and I'll see you soon.
I love you!