Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Small Evil Shades Haul

I know I didn't have a blogpost yesterday, but we went to visit my parents in the weekend, because of their 35 weddinganniversary. By the time we got home I didn't remember to check the blog if I had one scheduled.
Sometimes, life get's in the way of blogging ;)

In the previous order, I had some Mythology eyeshadows, and since I loved those a lot, I ordered some more. This is how it all arrived:

A supercute businesscard and my order:

Same, with the bottom upturned so you can see the colours better:

Phoenix(sample), a light ash grey with red glitter
Gryphon(sample), a beautifull brown with copper/orange glitter
Moirae(sample), looks like a light brown with lighter glitter(silver?), should be purple on the eye.
Drakon, this colour is so hard to describe, but it's a gorgeous multicolour.

Star collection(discontinued):
Midnight Star, a silvergrey chockfull of silver glitter
Celestial Star, a lightblue filled with blue glitters
Morning star, a yellow filled with gold glitter
Fantasy Star, a pink/purple(mauve?) with magenta glitter

2 free samples that I got with the order. They're from the new Faeries collection:

Faeries Song, a beautifull purple with pink glitter.
Faeries Secrets, a brown with green glitter in it


  1. Where are the swatches? You can't see the shades through the jars so these pics don't do anything for me... Useless?

  2. Wat cool!!! Ben zo benieuwd naar de swatches :)

  3. @ anonymous: don't be so rude!!!
    This is is a haul post and not a swatch post ;).

  4. Btw the pigments look really pretty :D.

  5. @anonymous, you know, this is a HAUL post, otherwise I would have called it SWATCHES. But besides that..if you want to critize people, be grown up about it and do it under a real name. maybe next time I'll take your comment seriously. :)

    @pinkfairy, ik ga kijken of ik tijd heb voor swatches, maar heb nog zoveel dingen waar ik over moet bloggen...tijd gebrek :)

  6. De kleuren zien er gaaf uit, (ook in het potje hoor hahahaha)
    Heel veel plezier ermee meid!