Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Review & LOTD: Catrice Ultimate Shine lipstick, Play the Plum

As most of you will know, Catrice has changed a lot of their products. I really liked the previous lipsticks, so I wanted to try out a new one as well, to see if they were just as nice.

 The packaging is quite stylish, glossy silver, with Catrice printed on it in white. The bottom is made of see through plastic and has a sticker with the name and colour on it.

The lipstick has the new shape a lot of lipsticks tend to have right now. It should fit better to your lips and follow the contours. Well, I really don't like it...at all. It doesn't fit to my lips correctly, and it's really annoyingly diifcult to get a nice tight line on the outside. But hey, that might just be me with my freakysih lips ;)

The lipstick has the Catrice logo printed in it, just like Chanel lipsticks, very classy! I love the way the lipsticks shows a lot of glitter, it make it look like an expensive colour.

A swatch on my lips. For some reason the lipstick shows up sheer on the picture, but in real life the colour is more dense. It is quite an in your face pink, but I do think it's a great pink for this summer.
This lipstick feels smooth on application, but on my lips, it didn't last very long. Now I tend to have lips that don't like lipstick, so they tend to dissapear very quickly. This one may stay put longer on someone elses lips.
I think this one was 3,99 euros at Kruidvat, or somwhere around that amount.
I have to say that I did not see any colours that really interested me, the ones that did (purple and black) are colours I already own from different brands. The purple one looked a lot like Amethyst by Gosh, but I don't know if that's the same on the lips.
I'm not sure of I like these beter than the previous one, which I really loved. I might have to try another one to make that decision. But for now, I liked the previous ones better.