Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Review: Born Pretty Store Nail art stones + glue

These are the nail art rhinestones and glue that I got from Born Pretty Store to review.

There are 12 different colours in the wheel, and the site says there are 1800 stones in it!
There is a wide variety of colours, so you can always find a colour to match with the nailpolish you are using.

The glue works perfectly with the stones. You don't need a lot and it keeps the stones in places for days. That being said, it's not so strong that it's too hard to remove the stones. I like it a lot.

Being a creative person, I tend to use products for different things than the ones they are made for. So I used these rhinestones as an extra to an extreme look, with some fals lash glue:

It just gives a look that extra oomph! I think I'll play around with these more often this way :)

The nail art rhinestones with glue can be found HERE, for only 3,75 euros.


  1. looks great =D ~! love the eye make up ^^

  2. Those are awesome! I have some little stones for makeup looks, but I don't have that many colors. I need more colors! ;)

  3. ik heb precies dezelfde besteld maar dan zonder lijm :D

  4. Leuk :D Ik heb dat soort steentjes ook gebruikt, voor een tutorial van een poosje geleden :) Ze geven idd wat extra oomph! :D

  5. I love born pretty store. I've recently purchased quite a lot from there and I am delighted with the small price tag!