Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Random act of kindness

Today it's my brothers birthday, so Happy Birthday to him!!!!!

When I was still a Lush Mailorder Girl (I've been gone for 1,5 weeks, hahaha), I usually gave a lot of people Lush presents. Not because I didn't want to be creative with gifts, because I love looking for the right gifts, but because people really wanted me to.

And sometimes, when I knew people really liked Lush, I suggested I'd buy some for them..I didn't have a 50%discount for nothing, now did I? After the last time I did this, I received an envelope, containing this:

A Sleek blush with a little note saying ''Just look at it as a Random Act of Kindness''.  Awwwwww. I already told her I didn't need or want anything in return, so this is really sweet.

And which blush is this? Might it be the blush I asked people on twitter about? The one that was sold out on the 20th?  Why..yes..it most certainly is!

It's Sleeks Rose Gold, a beautifull shimmery peach, that is just perfect for summer!

Thanx again!!! :)
(I'm not sure if the giver wants to remain anonymous, so I gave her some privacy)