Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Peacock Try Out makeup for the Elf Fantasy Fair

Since The EFF is coming up very soon, I needed to do a try out makeup, to see what I would do this year. I'm probably going to wear my long peacock outfit again(depends on the weather), or a combo of it with the short version. I think a feathertail and wings might be too much :)

Most of the pics are taken in daylight and unfortunately, most of the glitter isn't visible, but I still like the way they came out:

Daylight, made the colours a bit softer, the colours are pretty bright in real life.
I'm not sure if this is the way I'll be going to the EFF, but I just wanted to try some stuff out.

Stuff I used:

Mac GreenBrown pigment, Gosh glitter eyeliner,Barry M kohlpencil, NYX blue glitters, Sugarpill Absinthe,
Sugarpill Darling, Evil Shades Celestial Star, Sleek Jetset, Essence Colour&Shine eyeshadow, Gosh Aquatic, Sugarpill Hysteric, Essence Nailart, Born Pretty Store nail art rhinestones. I forgot the put the Coastal Scents Vanilla/Chocolate eyeshadow pencil on the pic.

I used the Coastel Scents pencil for the eyebrow, and then put some Mac Greenbrown pigment over it, to give it some extra colour and shine. I could have gone for Bluebrown aswell, but since the outfit is already blue, green is a nice contrast.
 Then I applied the feather lashes by KKcenterHK, tha I cut into pieces on the inside of my brow. I really love the colours of these lashes, but they unfortunately don't bend to fit my eye enough.
I also applied some of the Essence nail art above my brow. These shift from purle/darkblue to green with the light.

Indoor without flash:

I used gosh eyeshadowbase because it's sticky, and it would hold the loose powders in place. I started with Darling on my moving eyelid, and some Gosh Aquatic and Sleek Jetset. Later I put some glitter eyeliner on top of those with some Celestial Star and some blue glitters.

 Above the blue, I applied some Greenbrown, the shift in colour really reminds me of peacockfeathers.
Above tht, I applied some Absinthe, and then some Essence as a highlighter. Then I applied some Hysteric between the blue and the Greenbrown

Then I put on some black eyeliner by Essence, and made a little wing. I also put some below my eye and made little wings on the inner eyecorner. On top of the eyeliner I applied some false lashes by KKcenterHK.

Indoors with flash: (weird how the brown uturns into orange?)
After applying the lashes, I applied Some Aquatic and Hysteric beneath my eyeliner. Then somekohlpencil on my waterline and the Rhinestones at the end of the wings and some on the inner eyecorner.

I also did my lips, to see how they would hold up for a whole day, and if they would bleed. I used:

 Evil Shades Hardcore Lips: Doom, Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliner, Blue Moon

Unfortunately, it did bleed, but the rest stayed in place pretty good. So I applied it again, but now with some concealer around and over the edges before applying.Still bled, but a lot less. I guess I just have to accept that lipstick will -always- bleed on my lips.


  1. This is really pretty! I love the peacock feather lashes on your eyebrows it just pulls the whole look together!

  2. Wat heb je weer een heerlijk over the top creatie bedacht die je geweldig staat!!! Ik vind het super.

  3. aww thanx everybody! Let's hope I can create something like this early in the morning, hahah

  4. Dat is nog eens een originele look zeg! tof gedaan