Monday, April 11, 2011

NOTD: Purple Diamond in a Fault Line

I alomost forgot to post this one, that would be such a shame! As you can see not all of my nails were broken off here....I miss my nails..

This NOTD is a combo of two polishes: Essence Purple Diamond and China Glaze Fault Line(crackle).

Without a topcoat:

Purple Diamond is a beautifull silver lilac shimmer polish. I love putting shimmer/glitter polishes underneath crackles. Most crackles are matte when they dry. So I tend to use a topcoat over them, I'm not a big fan of matte colours.

 The purple crackle has a tiny shimmer in it, which is much more visible on the pic with a topcoat.

It crackles a little less than the black version, but that's also a matter of finding out how thick a layer you should use.

With topcoat:
 The topcoat really makes the crackle and shimmer/glitters pop out.

Close up: