Thursday, April 7, 2011

NOTD: Essence, Where is the Party ? (new colour!)

This is an NOTD with one of the new Essence colours, which happens to be a duochrome. I love duochromes, so I had to try  this one out.This colours show's you a bit of the colours shifting:

Essence Where is the Party?
It's a lovely purple colour with a beautifull green shine.
In the bottle it reminded me of my old favourite: Rimmel Zeitgeist, but that one has a touch of orange in it:

Rimmel Zeitgeist
The Essence duochrome is not orange at all and therefore much more purple, as you can see on a picture taken with flash:

 In daylight:

Without Flash indoors:

It does have the same colour change as the Zeitgeist picture, but it was really hard to catch on cam. :(

The purple has a bit more pink in it instead of blue, but that's a known problem with taking photographs.
In reality it's a shift from green, purple and pink/purple. This is a musthave for purple(and green) lovers, and a great addition to the essence collection.

My nails are so short :( They broke off at work a week ago, and hopefully they will be long soon, because I feel handicapped without my long nails.