Saturday, April 9, 2011

I won! Nomonro Dress Clip

A while ago, yes I'm terrible behind on my blogs :P, I won this prize at Enchanting Beauty.

Don't you just LOVE the wrapping???

The Nomonro Dress Clip was designed to make sure you can ride your bike without having to hold down your skirt, or walking over hot air vents without pulling a Marilyn Monroe. But ofcourse you can use it for many other things aswell.

It also came with some suggestions on how to use the clip. I myself immediately thought of my long wintercoat which has a full circle bottom. Sometimes hubs picked me up from the station after work, and he once brought the bikes with him, because he knew how my feet were killing me. But riding a bike with that coat isn't easy. I'm pretty sure the clip can help me with that. But now, with the weather getting sunnier by the day, I'm guessing it'll have it's first use as a dress clip anyway. ;)

Even though they had some designs with peacockfeathers, I decided to pick Korset Black. This one will fit almost any outfit I own, so that is really awesome. This one is 19,95 euros.

The clip doesn't weigh a lot, but enough to hold fabric down. It works exactly like a hairclip, you know, the ones that you click open?

I really like the look of this clip and I'm excited to try it out. No more one hand on my skirt while I ride my bike this summer!


  1. Cool idea! Let us know how it works out!

  2. I like this!
    Iam following.
    Just check out mine...