Tuesday, April 19, 2011

EOTD: natural look

I almost never go for a natural/nude look, but once in a while I just want something on my eye really quick. This is a very simple EOTD with some basic browns:

I did this one a while back, so I'm not entirely sure where I put what, but I'll see if I can make break it down for you.

 I put the Lustduster on my inner eyecorner. I applied some more on the middle of my moving eyelid.
 On my outer eyecorner I applied some of the Gosh eyeshadow. And into the crease I applied the darker brown by Essence.

 I used the white Essence eyeshadow as a highlighter and between this colour and the darker brown I blended some of the copperyorange eyeshadow.
 Then I used some black gelliner by Coastelscents and I think a black Barry M kohlpencil.

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