Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Queensday Nails this year

So this year I did something different. I hadn't cleaned my mani yet, when I made the pics though. I wanted to make sure all the glue was dry before I did that.

 I used Rimmel Black Out as a base for most fingers, with Some Golden Rose no 15 (flakies) on top.

 This Golden Rose polish, mostly has blue and orange flecks, which makes it a bit Queensday-like for me.

On the ringfinger I applied some Essence WHOOM! BOOOOMM!!  Andy, You're a Star, polish.

Then I used the Rhinestones from Born Pretty Store, and their glue, to make a little Dutch Flag on it.

And there you have it, my simple Queensday nails :)

Hope you all have a wonderfull time today, I probably won't....more on that later...

Friday, April 29, 2011

Tomorrow It's Queensday Again!

Since I'm doing my queensday nails right now, I can;t post them yet. Maybe tomorrow.
But I can give you some old Queensday nails and EOTD.

You can find a tutorial on these nails HERE.

You can find the blog I wrote for this EOTD, HERE.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Elf Fantasy Fair, Outfit and makeup

I always want to look for more pics online, but that takes some time, and some people(you know who you are) were nagging me to post some pics. I haven't made a lot this year, but there should be a lot online, since I was photographed a lot. I re-used my first peacock costume, because it was too beautifull to let it hang in the closet and I didn't have time to make a new one. I am however, thinking about a medusa costume. At first I was thinking about a phoenix one, so I'm not sure yet which one will be made first. Might be done for this years Castlefest :)

 Ofcourse there were all kinds of food, even lots of healthy ones. Here's Sid with a Salmon quiche with veggies in it.
 I didn't have a lot of apppetite, due to the warm weather, but I ate some cupcakes like this one a humonous chocolate muffin.
 My parents went to the EFF this year aswell, here's me and my mom figuring out where to pose for the pic:
 Unfortunately not all of them are very sharp, oh well..
 I love this one:
 Look mom! *points* it's a little dog in a sling, on that womans chest!

Me and my parents, a cute pic:

For those of you who don't know my peacock costume, this is what the back looks like:

Some closeups of the makeup. You can find more on it HERE, it's quite similar to the tryout makeup I did. On my nails I wore China Glaze DV8.

 It's done mosylt with Sugarpill (Darling, Hysteric and Absinthe) and Mac Green Brown.

I usually don't make any pics of the other people's costumes, because you fin find loads of those online. But when I find a very gorgeous and/or unique one, I tend to make one anyway.

So awesome!!!! (thnx for posing!)

(do you see what she is????)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

EOTD & OOTD: Greens with Sugarpill

This is an outfit I wore a while ago, when the weather was finally getting better. It was somehwere in the beginning of April. I love greens, and I wanted an EOTD to match my hairflower and my top.

 This EOTD was done with Sugarpills Absinthe and Junebug. I used some other greens aswell, but I'm not totally sure wich ones. Oops! I think it might have been Sleek Idust Eden.

In the crease I applied a little bit of Sugarpill's Stella, to give it some more depth and glitter.
It's a faily simple green look that totally lifted my mood :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Review & LOTD: Catrice Ultimate Shine lipstick, Play the Plum

As most of you will know, Catrice has changed a lot of their products. I really liked the previous lipsticks, so I wanted to try out a new one as well, to see if they were just as nice.

 The packaging is quite stylish, glossy silver, with Catrice printed on it in white. The bottom is made of see through plastic and has a sticker with the name and colour on it.

The lipstick has the new shape a lot of lipsticks tend to have right now. It should fit better to your lips and follow the contours. Well, I really don't like all. It doesn't fit to my lips correctly, and it's really annoyingly diifcult to get a nice tight line on the outside. But hey, that might just be me with my freakysih lips ;)

The lipstick has the Catrice logo printed in it, just like Chanel lipsticks, very classy! I love the way the lipsticks shows a lot of glitter, it make it look like an expensive colour.

A swatch on my lips. For some reason the lipstick shows up sheer on the picture, but in real life the colour is more dense. It is quite an in your face pink, but I do think it's a great pink for this summer.
This lipstick feels smooth on application, but on my lips, it didn't last very long. Now I tend to have lips that don't like lipstick, so they tend to dissapear very quickly. This one may stay put longer on someone elses lips.
I think this one was 3,99 euros at Kruidvat, or somwhere around that amount.
I have to say that I did not see any colours that really interested me, the ones that did (purple and black) are colours I already own from different brands. The purple one looked a lot like Amethyst by Gosh, but I don't know if that's the same on the lips.
I'm not sure of I like these beter than the previous one, which I really loved. I might have to try another one to make that decision. But for now, I liked the previous ones better.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

NOTD: Heart of Africa

This is the beautifull red polish Out of Africa by China Glaze.
 The red is a bit brighter on the pics, but I can't seem to do anything about that.

Don't mind my cuticles, they got torn up when I broke my nails ;)
This polish applies easily enough, but it didn't stay on my nails very long. I might have to try again without a topcoat. Some brand just come off in one big chip if you use a topcoat on them.

It is a beautifull red though, and it's a good addition to my stash. I love reds, and I didn't have anything like this one yet.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Review: 7piece makeup brush set by Born Pretty Store

This is the last product that was send to me by Born Pretty Store to review.

 It's a 7 piece set of makeupbrushes, which are all put into a small brushroll.
 It's a very nice kit to put into your bag to take with you, or for people who haven't used brushes before.

 The brushes all come with a little plastic wrapped around them, which I have removed here. I only left the one for the big brush, because it was hard plastic and easy to put on the brush again.
The brushroll has a flap of plastic attached on it, so you won't leave makeup stains in your bag, if you take it with you.

 There's a brush for your brows, a sponge applicator, a lipstick(?) brush, an eyeshadow brush, an eyeliner/eyebrow brush, an eyeliner/lipliner brush, and a big brush for blush or foundation.

 All brushes are easily washed with some mild babyshampoo, and came out still perfect. Only the big brush bled a lot of red, which is probably just a dyed colour. It was pretty soft, just like the rest of the brushes.

The brushroll is made of a golden silk with butterflies on it. I saw a new one on the site in silver now aswell.

This brushroll with 7 pieces costs only 4,74 dollar at Born Pretty Store, you can find it HERE.
 I gave this one to my mom, since she doesn't have any brushes yet and she totally loves butterflies. :)

The brushes are all pretty soft and I liked using them. For this amount of money, I think the brushes are a great addition to anyones stash. Just to put into your bag for touch ups, or one a weekend getaway if you don't want to bring expensive brushes. But also for people like my mom, who haven't used brushes before and want to try it out for the first time. I also think it would look great in a giftbag or would be a perfect little present for people who love makeup.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Elf Fantasy Fair Haul

Last sunday, we went to the Elf Fantasy Fair again. Even though we had a lot of fun, I have to say this years fair was my least favourite. It was WAY too crowded, and all the food and drinks were in one place, which made all the roads to that place crowded, and it wasn't fun if you became thirsty and was all the way on the other side of the fair. Also, a lot of our favourite stands weren't there, like Pygmalion, Valkyrie(dutch fantasy artists) and such. We did see a lot more and diverse books, but nothing really special. Well, if you're used to fantasy fairs that is.
That being said, we always have fun, so we had a good time. My parents were there aswell, so it was great to see them again and see the fair through their eyes.

I'm not posting pics yet, because I haven't made a lot and I'm still looking online for some of the pics that have been made of me. I've been photographed a LOT so I at least should be able to find some...hopefully.

So this post is about the stuff we bought. If you're not interested in that kind of stuff, you should stop reading right about now. :)

Something you might not expect at a fantasy fair, but we bought cheese:
 Not just any cheese though. These were special cheeses made by a farmer. Because they were 'handmade' they didn't have a lot of lactose in them anymore either, which is why Sid can eat these. (cheese has lactose in it, which turns into sugar, which isnt good for diabetics). The left one is with yoghurt and somethign lese I've forgotten(I'm more into plain and old cheese) and the right one is with basil and other herbs.

When I recently saw the first behind the scenes clip of The Hobbit by Peter Jackson, I remembered that I don't own the book anymore. So I bought an old edition ( , awesome shop!), because I love old and used books. I like those better then new version with special covers and extras. I really liked this edition, I think it's from the 70's. I also found another one from the 60's but I liked this one best.

 A series Sid had owned before, but didn't have anymore. He really wanted to have it again, and they weren't that expensive.

 I grew up with this cartoon, and as a kid I used to replay it with my friends on the playground. I always was the one with the invisibility cloak, because I was the only one who had a coat with a hood. This is a box with the complete series. At first I thought it was cool, but didn't get it, but when we were going home and saw there was just one left, we decided we wanted to have it anyway. It's always fun to have things from your childhood.

 A dvd sid really wanted. It's a box, with lots of extras.

 A dvd for my Studio Ghibli collection, I love those movies!

 Amon Amarth cd we didn't own yet. I know it's not the most complicated of music, but I like this band, it always makes me feel energetic, and I love watching them live. It's always one big party.

 third book of a series I once got in a swap. It's a victorian steampunk novel, with werewolves and vampires. It's an easy read and the main charactre is a bit different than most girls.

 4 new tarot decks for Sids collection. I picked the Art nouveau, because I loved the artwork, and the white cats, because I love cats and it's easy to take with you.

 My new Alchemy necklace. I was intrigued with it, from the first time I saw it online. When I saw it in real life, I was in love. It had gorgeous bluegreen and green stones in it. I think I might build a medusa costume around this one....

 My new Alchemy ring. I love green stones!

 A cameo in a style and colours I don't already own. Something different for a change. I might do a look with this one for the blog. One of the girls of this stand even lived in the town that's next to my birthtown, but we didn't know the same people. We did have some laughs and she made a picture of me with the necklace. Which by the way looked great with my EFF outfit.
If you like different and cute jewelry, you should really check out their site!

An Alchemy necklace Sid literally went back for 3 times, hahaha. He couldn't decide if it was too girly for him, in the end he bought it anyway.

Skullring for Sid, he wanted a pretty basic skullring, and after tryong on many many many rings...we found this one. Sid had really big fingers and we couldn't find any ring that fit, and then we found this one, which fitted -and- was exactly what Sid was searching for.

Ofcourse we also bought food and drinks, but not as much as usual. It was pretty warm, and I didn't feel like eating much.
All in all a pretty good haul!