Friday, March 11, 2011

Review & Swatches: Sugarpill Loose Powders

This post is about the most awesome loose powders out there: Sugarpill Cosmetics.
I've already posted some looks with these, some examples can be found here, here, here, here, here, here and here

couldn't agree more!
Not only is their pigmentation to DIE for, but the packaging is incredibly cute!

I now own 9 of these extraordinary powders and I totally love them all!


Goldilux, Magentric, Hysteric, Weekender, Absinthe
Darling, Junebug, Starling, Magpie

These powders have the most amazing sparkles I've ever seen. I've tried to capture them on cam, but they really look better in real life.

Without Flash:

I know a lot of people don't like jars without sifters, but honestly, I think these are a lot easier to use. With sifter, I always spill a lot by trying to get something out of the jar, while these just are ready to use. Ofcourse you do have to be carefull not to knock one over.

I also made a bunch of swatches, but on the cam the sparkles just come out as a metallic sheen. They really are as sparkly as they are in the jar, which to me is absolutely beautifull. A lot of eyeshadows out there tend to get dull on your eyes, but these don't.

Daylight, Without Flash:

on Gosh eyeshadowbase stick

on NYX jumbo pencil, Milk


Indoor lighting, With Flash:

on Gosh eyeshadowbase stick

on NYX jumbo pencil, Milk

My top 3 favourites are:
Goldilux, best gold EVER. I own many brands of gold, but none compare to this one.
Weekender, amazing multishimmer in this lilac coloured powder.
Magpie,  a dark blue, which really reminds me of a magpies feathers(which I adore)

I have to say I haven't used my new additions Starling and Darling yet, but I'm convinced that these are just as amazing as the rest is.
I really love these loose powders and I'm probably going to collect them all(if my budget agrees, hahaha)
(*hums* gotta catch them all, gotta catch em all!)

I've bought all of mine at Enchantra, but I must admit, most of them I got on sale. I just love sale :P
They cost 11,99 euros a piece, but you get a very big jar for that with 5 g of product. If you look at the pics above, that's quite a lot! Nowadays, there are also Loose Powder Trios avalailable for 32,99.

I'm hoping there will be new colours added aswell, maybe some duochromes? Or some darker stuff to match with the bright colours?  A girl can dream, right? ;)


  1. Thank you for the great swatches.

  2. Great pics and swatches.
    I my budget will allow in in the future I might try some as well because they look very lovely, and they sell very bright greens, purples and teals which I love but are hard to find.

    Looking at the pics, it seems tehy look better on the gosh eyeshadow base than on the Jumbo Pencil in Milk.

    I have the Gosh Waterproof Eye Shadow Base myself, and I love it!
    I saw it on this blog and then bought is a long while ago, and I'v loved it ever since :D.

    Now, everytime I wear eye shadow, I use this base and my eye shadow will look more vibrant and will stey looking good all day (even in bad weather it stays ok).

    Anyway, great post!

  3. Amazing post Janny!
    Wish all swatches posts were like this. The care you took in taking the pictures and the effort to convey the colors and properties of the shadows really shows.

    BTW, The diff between NIX jumbo pencil and Gosh shadow base is big. I'm undecided if i get a few of these pencils or not. I've heard they are not very good on oily eyelids....

  4. @skulda you're welcome!
    @freya, awww it's good to hear that my blog has helped someone find a product they like :)
    I can really recommend Sugarpill, it's worth saving up for.

    @paula, actually the difference wasn't that big, I think it's also dus to lighting. -BUT- Gosh eyeshadowbase has a pearlyshimmer and not really a colour to it if you blend it, and Milk is a matte white. So I guess they can make colours show up differently.

    Jumbo pencils aren't that bad, as long as you blend them well. But I do like the Gosh stick more.

  5. Ik heb ook Goldilux, hij is idd prachtig :) En hij past bij elke look, van neutraal tot mega extreem :P