Wednesday, March 23, 2011

EOTD & LOTD: a Sugarpill Spring

When I went to my teammeeting last wednesday, I was in a springmood, so I wanted some bold colours.
I used only Sugarpill loose and pressed powders and a Gosh velvet touch eyeliner. 

 I applied Darling over my whole moving eyelid. It's a great seagreen colour.
Then I applies some Starling in my crease, which is a very nice blue, but it's a bit close to Darling and with the purple above it, you can't really tell on cam that it's there.

 Then I applied some Poison Plum in and above my crease. and above that some Love+.
(sorry about th mascara smudges, I didn't have time to make new pics)

 Below my eyes I applied some Gosh Purple Stain, with some Poison Plum on top. Next to it, in the inner eye corner some more Darling.

I had some Gosh soft 'n shine The Soft Touch on my lips and some Catrice Light Burgundy on my cheeks.
With the added hairflower and the pink chiffon flowerring, I felt like spring was already here.

(oh btw, this colourcombo was not my idea, I saw a picture o these colours used for an EOTD by Sarah Moy on the Sugarpill facebook page. And i LOVED it!)


  1. Not very original, also saw this combo at padmita's:

  2. And how many combos CAN you do, anonymous? Everyone is going to be "unoriginal" at some point unless you create new colors.

    I think the combo is pretty - regardless of it being seen elsewhere or not. I'm loving how dark the shades are yet it's not overwhelming.


  3. @anonymous, as you can see in the blog, I don't take credit for this colour combo. So I'm not really sure what you want to accomplish with this anonymous post?

    If something isn't original anymore, doesn't mean I can't share it with others who might like it just as much as I do :)

  4. Oh this is pretty, and not too complicated. Inspires me to do something similar.

  5. Wow super felle lente kleurtjes :) me likes!
    kmoet nog voor mezelf een look verzinnen die ook lente-waardig is :CD