Friday, March 25, 2011

Auryn Showroom opening Haul

Ofcourse I've also shopped at the Auryn Showroom opening. I think I did a pretty good job at restraining myself, but I did make a wishlist for future purchases.
For example, the beautifull Disney Earrings Linda was wearing, are now on my birthday wishlist :)

But...I still bought quite a lot :P

I brought everythig home in this cute Konad bag. Linda also gave me a tiny cute Sleek bag which was all in black and hot pink!

 China Glaze Fualt Line (crackle), Heart of Africa, Stella

When I came in, really early, there was only one purple crackle polish there, so I immediaetly confiscated that one. Luckely I had already resevred 2 black ones for my collegues, because it was sold out.

Golden Rose Scale Effect - no. 14 (I already owned several, but lately they've been a hype in Beautyblogland, and I saw a swatch of this one and wanted it.
Orly - Meet me Under the Mistletoe
INM - Out the Door topcoat (as a backup)
Colorclub - no idea, it has no sticker (lol)

Golden Rose  Crystal Colour, 02
Golden Rose, Chameleon Effect, 39
Golden Rose, Crystal Colour, 09
Blaze, no sticker(I think it turnes purple in the sun)
Blaze, Jubilee to Vino (twice)

Danile Stone, nail art tool,Dotting tool
Blue glitter , 16 (for nailart?)
Red glitter, 6 (for nailart?)
Organis Island lipbalm (twice)
(the lipbalms were cheaper because theyhad a loose mirror, which was easily fixed with some glue)

Sleek Glitter eyeliner , Gem (it really is purple)

Sugarpill loose powders Lumi and Stella.

Aren't they gorgeous? I've made a quick extreme look with just the two of those, will be posted next week.
Lumi is a duochrome, white with a blue shine. On black base it turns blue.
Stella is a black with gorgeous multicoloured glitter.

Konad imageplate m73

Konad imageplate m60

Linda once gave me a Kenji tattoo stamp, but I din't have the ink to go woth it. So she gave me the ink, so I can finally try it out :)

In my latest order I just missed TMI from the OMG collection, so  went for GR8 instead. In my order was L8R G8R, which I already had. We decided I would switch it on the 20th. But then Linda said 'Shall I make you really happy?'' and then she gave me a bottle of TMI!!!. I decided I didn't need GR8, because I wanted TMI much more. Really really awesome that I now finally have it.

Linda gave this to Sid, because he asked for something that would stay on his eyes. Yes, Sid on occassion uses eyeliner, you should see us at fantasy fairs or halloweenparties ;)
Anyway, Linda gave this to him, which I think was really sweet :)