Thursday, March 31, 2011

Haul: In de Watten

A while ago, I ordered some more stuff from In de Watten. Unfortunately, something went wrong with the shipping, and I assume some postaloffice dude now works around smelling afbulous....

Anyway, Caroline very kindly offered to send it again, but I thought that would be a shame of the extra shippingcosts, so I asked her to bring in to Auryn on the 20th.
I still think it's weird that the package has dissapeared and I feel sorry for Caroline that she lost a second batch of products this way. But that's life apparantly, sh*t happens.

Let's take a look at the things I've bought:

I really wanted to try the Spoobar and decided to try out some more stuff aswell.

Diva sPoo Bar "Itch Less" (Try out size)
Scrubby & Bubbly Bad/Douche Boter "White Tea & Jasmin"
Supreme Sugar Scrub "Enchanted" (the big pot)
 "Lucky Lips" Lip Scrub

Everything smells really good. The big pot smells of citrus, which I totally love, the smaller pot has a flowery smell, but not overwhelmingly so, and the lipscrub...I'm not sure how to describe that one. :)
I can't really tell what kind of scent the Spoobar has though, because the bot pot had leaked a bit on our trainride home, so now my Spoobar smells the same, hahaha.
I don't mind though, and it'll probably change after some uses anyway.

I'll let you know what I think about these products, after I've used them a couple of times :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

EOTD: Quick Extreme Look with Sugarpill's Lumi and Stella

For this look I -only- used Sugarpills loose powders Lumi and Stella.

This was a quick look that I did a week ago (so it's actually an EOT-last-weeks-wednesday ;) ), because I didn't have a lot of  free time, but I really wanted to try it out. So it's not perfect, but I still wanted to share.

On my inner eyecorner I applied Jumbo pencil Milk and the rest of my eyelid had Black Bean on it.
Lumi transformed from a beautifull white on Milk, to a gorgeous turquoise/seagreen on Black Bean.

Stella is totally gorgeous with all its glitter, but I wanted to blend it out a bit, and then I was left with a lot less glitter. I wanted to re-apply some above the crease, but for some reason it didn't stick to my lid anymore.
Oh well, you learn for your mistakes, right? But trust me, without blending, Stella gives a glitter overload that I totally adore. You can still see it a little in the outer eyecorner.

Don't mind the eyeliner either, I applied it after the eyelashes came off in my inner eyecorner and decided they did NOT want to be put back in the right place. My eyes are very round and this happens with most lashes. So I applied it on top of and next to the lashes, which is -not- what I meant to do. If I wanted to use eyeliner, I would have done it before applying the lashes. Oh well, shit happens :P

The rhinestones come from Born Pretty Store and are actually nail art rhinestones.

The lashes are from KKcenterHK, and are really really really long!

 I'm really happy I decided to by these 2 on the 20th, because if I can make this kind of look with just these 2 powders, then I can only make even more interesting looks if I combine them with my other Sugarpill powders!

What do you think?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Review: Born Pretty Store Eyelashes and Glue

It's been a while since I got the lashes from Born Pretty Store. As most of my readers will know, I like to use products for a certain amount of time, before I write a review. That way I think I can give a better view on the product. The lashes that I'll be reviewing can be found HERE.

These lashes come in a simple box and they all have an extra long end, with which they stay on the box. Before use, you can cut off that extra end, so the lash will look more 'natural'.
They can be bend a bit to fit your eyelid, you can do that for example by beding the eyelashes over a pencil. You can also cut them, if you have smaller eyes, or cut them in pieces to use them for extra long lashes on your outer eyecorner, or some other artsy purpose.

These lashes come with a glue, that can also be used to make double eyelids. I haven't tested that out, because I'm not asian. But I did test the glue with the lashes and with some rhinestones.

The glue comes with a little brush, like a liquid eyeliner. This way, you can easily get the glue onto the little band of the lashes. It's also very easy to re-apply some glue when a lash comes off on the inner eyecorner.
The glue also works perfectly to apply rhinestones on your face, because it's not visible anymore when it's dried.

With this look I used them for my upper lashes:

Both the lashes and the glue stay put, when you've used them. Sometimes an eyelash comes off on my inner eyecorner, but that's because I have round eyes, and most lashes tend to be a bit less round. It's easily solved by applying glue again. The lashes don't feel like you have plastic on your eyes and the glue didn't give me any itching or rash. I have pretty sensitive eyes, so that says something. I did have to peel it off my face (from the rhinestones) with my fingers after removing my makeup, so it's pretty strong!

Once again used for the upper lashes:

This set is only 4,18 dollars, and for that mount you get 10 pairs of eyelashes AND glue.
If you're carefull with them, you can re-use the lashes, so that's a real bargain!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

DIY: long feather earring

I've always had a thing for feathers, especially peacockfeathers. We used to have a big vase full of them when I was a kid, and my mom gave me such a big (black) vase filled with them, when we got this house aswell.

So when I saw the long feathered earrings online, I wanted them. Aswell as the feather hairextensions. *drewls*
Unfortunately for me, the ones that I like can only be bought in the US. I don't own a creditcard and I don't want to keep buying prepaidcards. So I decided to see if I could make them myself. These kind of projects can take a lot of time, before I actually do something. But now, I finally made some time for it.

The really awesome long striped and dyed feathers that I love in feather extensions aren't available in the Netherlands, which really is a shame. So I might have to buy those online anyway.

I went to a craftsstore and came home with some red feathers, some metallic thread(they use it to crochet, so its really easy to bend) and some silver coloured clamps that are used to hold together several items with a loop at the top.

All you have to do is pick some feathers, I choose some leftovers of my previous Elf Fantasy Fair costume, put them together, and bend some metal thread around them. I tried it without the thread, but that way you can use less feathers, and they tend to get loose aswell. So I advice to use the thread.
Then you use the little clamps, to make a nice end for the earring with a little loop. The loop can be hooked on an earring, or a hairclip or anything else you'd like.

I've always been creative, making jewelry, stuffed animals, pillowcovers, clothing, etc. I like to pimp stuff aswell, not just clothing or bags, but for example making earrings out of a bracelet and so on.. I might post some more DIY blogs, if I ever get the time to photograph the process. When I get a creative itch, I tend to forget everything around me, hahaha.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Auryn Showroom opening Haul

Ofcourse I've also shopped at the Auryn Showroom opening. I think I did a pretty good job at restraining myself, but I did make a wishlist for future purchases.
For example, the beautifull Disney Earrings Linda was wearing, are now on my birthday wishlist :)

But...I still bought quite a lot :P

I brought everythig home in this cute Konad bag. Linda also gave me a tiny cute Sleek bag which was all in black and hot pink!

 China Glaze Fualt Line (crackle), Heart of Africa, Stella

When I came in, really early, there was only one purple crackle polish there, so I immediaetly confiscated that one. Luckely I had already resevred 2 black ones for my collegues, because it was sold out.

Golden Rose Scale Effect - no. 14 (I already owned several, but lately they've been a hype in Beautyblogland, and I saw a swatch of this one and wanted it.
Orly - Meet me Under the Mistletoe
INM - Out the Door topcoat (as a backup)
Colorclub - no idea, it has no sticker (lol)

Golden Rose  Crystal Colour, 02
Golden Rose, Chameleon Effect, 39
Golden Rose, Crystal Colour, 09
Blaze, no sticker(I think it turnes purple in the sun)
Blaze, Jubilee to Vino (twice)

Danile Stone, nail art tool,Dotting tool
Blue glitter , 16 (for nailart?)
Red glitter, 6 (for nailart?)
Organis Island lipbalm (twice)
(the lipbalms were cheaper because theyhad a loose mirror, which was easily fixed with some glue)

Sleek Glitter eyeliner , Gem (it really is purple)

Sugarpill loose powders Lumi and Stella.

Aren't they gorgeous? I've made a quick extreme look with just the two of those, will be posted next week.
Lumi is a duochrome, white with a blue shine. On black base it turns blue.
Stella is a black with gorgeous multicoloured glitter.

Konad imageplate m73

Konad imageplate m60

Linda once gave me a Kenji tattoo stamp, but I din't have the ink to go woth it. So she gave me the ink, so I can finally try it out :)

In my latest order I just missed TMI from the OMG collection, so  went for GR8 instead. In my order was L8R G8R, which I already had. We decided I would switch it on the 20th. But then Linda said 'Shall I make you really happy?'' and then she gave me a bottle of TMI!!!. I decided I didn't need GR8, because I wanted TMI much more. Really really awesome that I now finally have it.

Linda gave this to Sid, because he asked for something that would stay on his eyes. Yes, Sid on occassion uses eyeliner, you should see us at fantasy fairs or halloweenparties ;)
Anyway, Linda gave this to him, which I think was really sweet :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Auryn Showroom opening last sunday

Last sunday, the 20th of March, Enchantra was celeberating the opening of the showroom that is now called Auryn Beauty Group. (named after The NeverEnding Story!). We were there, and I just wanted to share some pictures and how our day went.
For more pictures of the showroom I advice you to take a look here and/or here.

Our day started pretty early, since we live in Alkmaar and we had to go alllll the way to Kapelle. So we took a laptop with some movies with us, and a lot of junkfood to keep us awake and entertained. We took the train at 9:35 and arrived at the right trainstation at 12:38. From there, we were picked up by Robert, Linda's husband, together with Serena from BeautyLab and Caroline from In de Watten Which wasn't just really nice, but also pretty necessary, because there were NO busses we could take to the showroom.

Here's a picture I loaned from Robert's twitter of the beautifull banner and the front of the showroom, on sunday, there wer also a lot of balloons :)

Luckely for us, there was a big familytable in the showroom were everyone could sit, take a look at products and just talk a lot. Longtrain rides are exhausting and Sid had painfull feet pretty quick because of his diabetes and I have a bad back. So *yeay* for the big table. There were some baskets on there with a lot of products that were being sold for less than the usual price. I picked up some polishes and shell lipbalms from those.The sushi was made by Silja from SillySilSil, wo came all the way from Groningen. The sushi was really really yummy!

This was my favourite part of the showroom and I tried to spend as much time as possible -away- from it. Why? Because I want them all! Gotta catch 'em all gotta catch em all!!!!.
In the end I went home with ''only'' 2 loose powders, to add to 9 I already have at home. I already regret not taking more, hahaha.

Lots and lots of China Glaze polishes, I',m starting to love this brand more and more. I picked up a few and added a lot more to my wishlist for future purchases.

Linda, the owner and Sidney talking about......I can't remember. I wanted to take a snapshot while they were talking, but they noticed me. Damn! Still, I like this pic a lot, it really shows the fun we had there.

Linda also showed me the Enchantra mailorder room, which to me is really interesting, because I've been a Lush mailorder girl for 3,5 yrs now. It's really interesting to see a different company's mailorderroom.This is just the downtairs part.

There was also a new part upstairs, which was really big, not something I'm used to as a mailorder girl :)
Linda also told me what they were planning to do with the extra space and trust me, you -really- want to make sure you keep an eye on Enchantra/Auryn. There's going to be a lot of fun stuff!

The other part of the upstairs room, Linda told me she doesn't photograph well, just like me. And for that reason, I kept this picture small ;)

 Another fav brand of mine: Sleek! Unfortunately for me, and luckely for my bankaccount, most palettes on display were already in my posession. I did notice a very beautifull blush, which was already sold out. Can't remember the name though, it was the one on the right, a bit peachy with soft shimmer?

A picture of the beautifull and ''famous'' Serena, just before she went home. Just have to say that she is really friendly and sweet  If you don't know her blog yet, you should really check it out :)

Linda and Robert asked us if we would stay for dinner with the rest of the people who were still there around 17:30, and then they ordered pizza and shoarma(english??). Dinner was delicious, and we had a lot of fun talking to everyone. It was great to see Linda from Beautytreat again, and to see Esmeralda in person for the first time. You can also see Mika van Leeuwen on this pic, who I also spotted in a magazine that was laying in the kantine at work the day after. :)

I also wanted to say (again) that I think Linda and Robert have surrounded themselves with the sweetest people. Everyone was really friendly and we had a lot of fun talking to them all.

After dinner I payed for all the things I put into my basket, check my shoplog tomorrow! Then Robert drove us to the trainstation, which was really sweet, and also pretty fast. We were just in time to catch the right train.(other trains would take us much more time and much more changing trains). Thanx again!

Unfortunately that train was STUFFED with people, some of them drunk, some of them...well...I guess crazy is the right word. We had to stand for over an hour, which wasn't a lot of fun. But after that we found ourselves some seats. We didn't look forward to the long traindride home though:

But we definately had a lot of fun and it was really awesome to finally see some faces/humans matching blogs and twitterpics. I'm not good at remembering most, and some I only matched up after I visited twitter again and saw some profile pics, hahaha.

Long traindrides exhaust us, but also make us really really annoyingly ''funny''. We had to entertain ourselves somehow, and even though we met some sweet people(and dogs), there were also some weird people who for some reason really wanted to talk to us. I attract crazyness...I dont kow why hahahahahahah.


And a picture of me getting tired, but Sid liked this one a lot:

We came home around 11 in the evening. It was a long day, but it was totally worth it! Luckely we found some discount traintickets at Kruidvat, which made the trainride a lot more doable. (otherwise it was like 50+ euros even WITH my discountcard). If anyone knows if those Kruidvat tickets are still available , please let me know, because apparantly we might be going to Zeeland again on June 19th ;)

If anyone sees themselves on one of the pics and wants to be mentioned or removed, please let me know. :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

EOTD & LOTD: a Sugarpill Spring

When I went to my teammeeting last wednesday, I was in a springmood, so I wanted some bold colours.
I used only Sugarpill loose and pressed powders and a Gosh velvet touch eyeliner. 

 I applied Darling over my whole moving eyelid. It's a great seagreen colour.
Then I applies some Starling in my crease, which is a very nice blue, but it's a bit close to Darling and with the purple above it, you can't really tell on cam that it's there.

 Then I applied some Poison Plum in and above my crease. and above that some Love+.
(sorry about th mascara smudges, I didn't have time to make new pics)

 Below my eyes I applied some Gosh Purple Stain, with some Poison Plum on top. Next to it, in the inner eye corner some more Darling.

I had some Gosh soft 'n shine The Soft Touch on my lips and some Catrice Light Burgundy on my cheeks.
With the added hairflower and the pink chiffon flowerring, I felt like spring was already here.

(oh btw, this colourcombo was not my idea, I saw a picture o these colours used for an EOTD by Sarah Moy on the Sugarpill facebook page. And i LOVED it!)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

NOTD: NYC Midnight Amethyst

This is my first NOTD with a NYC nailpolish.

Thi colour was really hard to capture on cam. The first bazillion pics all turned the polish into a blue, instead of a purple. But I managed to make some where the colour at least looks purple.

 This polish has some really beautifull shimmer in it, blue and  violet? The rhinestones come from Born Pretty Store.

The polish applies pretty easily, but I had some trouble with the drying. Maybe it didn't like my topcoat, but it kept getting bumps in it and on some nails the whole polish just seemed to be movable. When you pressed a finger on it and moved it aside, the whole polish would move with it.
I'm not sure if that was the polish' fault, or the topcoats. Or maybe I should have used thinner coats.

But, it really i a very nice polish and it wasn't that expensive, around 3 euros orso?