Thursday, February 3, 2011

NOTD: Teeez, Femme Fatale

I picked up this polish for a couple of euros at the Op=Op store next to my work. I was there bbuying toothpaste and then I spotted this polish. I couldn't resist :)

 This polish was pretty hard to photograph: with flash it turned into a bright ornagered without any glitter, and without flash it turned into a dull red polish. I played a bit with lighting and this was the best I could come up with. In real life, the red is tomato-red :)

 The red is really Femme Fatale red, so the name is well chosen. It has a LOT of glitter in it, they almost look like flakes? You can't really tell on the pics, but the whole nail is covered with those glitters. They didn't reflect well unfortunately. The flecks are in a tiny-bit-bright-red than the polish itself, whichmakes them sparkle a lot.
There also seem to be some blue glitters in them.

The polish dried really fast. A lot faster than I thought it would take. I applied 2 coats, but the polish stays a bit sheer: you can still see the tips of your finger through it.
For nailart, I applied some Essence stickers, which are the best nail stickers out there for that small amount of money, if you ask me :)

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  1. Die kleur is wel vet :D
    ben je alweer beter? Floor en ik kijken uit naar het pakketje ;)