Monday, February 28, 2011

My Precious..... Chanel Rouge Noir lipstick

After I first bought a red Chanel lipstick, I was blown away. I have really annoying lips that don't like lipsticks or stains, and I really wanted a nice red lipstick that I could wear without worrying too much about it.
I'll write a review about that first one soon, but after that one, I decided I really wanted Chanel Rouge Noir aswell. So after a week of getting excited (after putting money aside for it ofcourse), I went to Ici Paris....and found out it was sold out. It was sold out EVERYWHERE. *sigh* Just my luck..I hould get used to it, but I always get my hopes up.
Anyway, Ici Paris ordered it for me, and about a week later I could pick it up. Ici Paris gave me a 10% discount, and I also had a 5 euro gifcard for anything that was above 25 euro. Which resulted in me paying 'only' 21,10 euros. I know that is a lot of money, but for a special colour and a lipstick that just feels a lot better on my lips without drying them out....sometimes it's just worth it.

With Flash:
This is absolutely NOTHING like the colour it is in real life. The cushion is, which is weird, haha.
I think it's because of the really tiny red shimmer that's in the lipstick, that it might reflect this bold.

Without Flash:

This is without flash and with shadow, which results in a much more realistic colour of the lipstick.

I made some pics on my lips, the closeups are a bit sloppy, but I was just trying to search for the right lighting...and failed miserably..

On pictures of my whole face it shows uo a lot darker, much more like the real thing:

Without flash again, can't get a lot of detail this way, but it really is this dark:

Sid totally loves it, it is now his favourite lipstick for me :)


  1. The full face pictures indeed looks way better than the close ups! It looks rather ugly on you on the closeups but Super Stunning on the full face. Love it!

  2. Gorgeous :) I wonder if I could pull off dark reds *_*