Friday, February 18, 2011

EOTD: Chartreuse & GreenBrown

A while ago I bought the MAC pigment Chartreuse. I also had a sample lying around of the pigment Greenbrown. I decided these two could be combined into a nice look.
After this look I decided I needed a fullsize Greenbrown pigment, I'm a sucker for duochromes ;), so I bought a pot. *yeay* (And I even walkd past the Peacocky collection without buying any, *yeay* for me!)

It's a very simple look with just these 2 colours and some eyeliner.

I applied Chartreuse on the inner eye corner towards the middle. And next to it I applied Greenbrown. The green that is reflected by the light in Greenbrown, matches perfectly with Chartreuse.

Below the eyes I applied the pigments in the same way. I applied some Gosh Extreme Art eyeliner on my uppereyeliner and added a wing. I also applied some copper eyeliner of an LE collection by Catrice. Later on, when I did this look again, I didn't use the copper liner again.

(Don't mind the hair, on here it was just dyed and then it cant get a bit fluffy/frizzy at first)

 Just add a beautifull green flower in your hair, and it feels like spring/summer!

On my lips I applied Gosh velvet touch lipstick Mocha, which I found in the bargainbasket at Kruidvat with a 50% discount.

And another goofy pic, since I really am NOT good at posing:

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