Saturday, January 8, 2011

Small Enchantra Haul

Last month, it was bargain galore at Enchantra, and ofcourse one of those bargains was vSugarpill's loose powders. I totally love these powders, and I really wanted a few more, especially the new colours.
So when they were 8,95 euro instead of 12,95 euro, I ordered these 3 beauties:

 I ordered:
Magentric: a gorgeous pink with lots of shimmer
Weekender: a totally fabulous lilac purple with amazing multicoloured glitter
Magpie: a dark blue with a hint of green. (i havent swatched this one yet, im not entirely sure, haha)

These came as a thank you gift in the package, I think they are adorable. I might use them or valentine nails or spring nails :)

The jars are quite big, you get a lot of product.

With flash:

Weird really, the flash makes Magentic look darker, Weekender a bit dull and Magpie look much brighter.

Without flash:
Magentric and Weekender are both brighter, but if you click on the pic you can see the awesome glitter thats in it.

I already used the first two, and I'll try to swatch all of my Sugarpill loose powders soon. I have 7 now!
If you're interested in purchasing these, Enchantra sells thm for 12,95 euros a piece.


  1. Beautiful colours, looking forward to seeing some looks with them :)

  2. Did you announce the winner of your giveaway?