Friday, January 14, 2011

Saturday Shopping Haul

We went shoppig last saturday, and we came home with nothing that was on our list, but we did get some really nice stuff unexpectingly.

From H&M:

I love tight skirts, and this black shiny one is definately different from the ones I already own.

Normally I tend to walk by this kind of colour in clothes, but it was only 7 euros, and I thought it was funny to try it on. But it actually looked pretty good on me and I think it will be very nice for summer, or works with a black vest in winter. Sometimes, I just want some colour in my wardrobe.

Every girl needs a LBD, -this- girl just needs a LOT of Little Black Dresses, hahaha. I like formfitting (bodycon?) dresses, and this one is once again, different from the ones I already own. The back is all lace. I was a bit in doubt about buying this one ( I thought it was a bit too dressy), even though it fits perfectly, but Sid loved it, so I bought it anyway.

Another LBD, this one has fake lather inserts, which I totally adore. I could already see myself in it with my kneehigh boots. I just have to take the waist in a bit, but thats peanuts. This one was only 15 euros! I really like the simplicity of it, and how it's still different because of the inserts. I just love leather :)

A dark(much darker then the pic) mossy green knitted vest. It had a 50% discount, and even though green is one of my favourite colours, I don't own much clothing in it.I have to have the right kind of green to go with my skintone, this one is :)

An Eau de Toilette I picked up at Ici Paris, with a discount. I'm not totally used to it yet, but for only 16,95, I thought it was nice :)  I normally have eau de perfumes, so this one is a bit diferent. We also picked up 2 scents for Sid :) And then we got an awefull big amount of samples from Clinique and lots of scents and a bodylotion for Sid. The sales womand who usually helps us is so friendly, so always remembers what we bought and she knows what we like and are interested in. This time she asked me what my Clinique creme was doing for my skin and how I liked my Chanel lipstick. She's awesome :)

Since I read a lot about the Catrice Baroque collection, I bought these:

I'm not sure if I'll use the highlighter, but it was the last one, I can always give it away if I don't. I realized the lightest lipstick is not really my thing , when I opened it, so that will go to a future giveaway. The darkest one is perfect for nude lips. Really happy with that one. The middle colour was sold out though.

And since it was second one half price, I took these with me aswell:

I picked this pink nailpolish with golden shine, because I thought it would look good with the nailart stickers that I got with my last haul.

So, that's my first haul for this year, did you get anything in the sale?


  1. Wat een fijne dingetjes :D
    Ik ben verliefd op waar heb je die gekocht en hoe duur was tie als ik vragen mag? :)

    Dat jurkje van 7 euro zal je prachtig staan, ben benieuwd naar een foto!

    17 euro is trouwens echt goedkoop, die geuren altijd zo duur!!

    Ikzelf heb voor 1 euro een ridgefiller weten te bemachtigen ;) That's it haha.

  2. Die 1e jurkje zeg maar, heb ik ook zien hangen. (:
    Alleen niet gekocht. ö

  3. Dat soort jurkjes vind ik altijd zo leuk, maar mij staat dat totaaaaaal niet hahaha. Ben al benieuwd naar outfit of the day foto's :D

  4. @pauline, die is van de H&M, voor 24,95 als ik t me goed herinner. DIt is zeker een goedkoop geurtje, ik heb normaal altijd eau de parfums, die zitten over t algemeen boven de 50 euro :)

    @lieke, why not?

    @suzy, volgens mij heb ik jou nog nooit in een jurkje gezien, laat staan een LBD, dus dat weet ik niet ;)

    @femketje, thanx!

  5. Did you announce the winner of your Anniversary Giveaway?