Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Random Act of Kindness

A while ago I was surfing on Etsy. I shouldn't do it, because I don't own a creditcard and I -always- see things I really like. Like for instance Feather hair extensions..i NEED those. *sigh*
Anyway, I love the art from The Nebulous Kingdom, and just browsing htrough her etsystore always makes me smile. This time though it made my jaw drop to the floor, because I found a necklace with Tim Burton pendants! I'm a big fan of Tim Burton and my fav movie is The Nightmare before Christmas. I own lots of merch from it, like a bathrobe, shirts, tops, hoodies, figurines, we even got a salt & pepper shaker from TNBC for our wedding :) So when I saw Anne-Julie's version of TNBC and Edward Scissorhands, I really wanted to have it. Unfortunately I don't own a creditcard, so it would stay on my wishlist forever.
I posted it on facebook, to share with other fans, and tried to forget about it. We even had a discussion about prepaid creditcards, but I don't know if NL even has those.

Then one of my lexlings, who doesn't want to be named, so let's call him 'He', asked for our adress. I didn't think any of it at first, because we exchange things among the lexlings regularly. We do swaps with books, junkfood, makeup, or just dvds or cds. It's just for fun, and putting a smile on the other persons face.
But He didn't want to give me His adress, which I thought was weird. So I became a bit confused, and then as our messaging went on, I looked at the etsystore...and the necklace was SOLD!
I put two and two together and asked him about it, and apparantly he just bought it for me. And he didnt want to give me His adress so I wouldn't feel the need to send something back.
At first I didn't agree, because I never let anyone buy something for me, just because they want to, without getting something in return. It doesn't feel right, or seem fair. But He assured me that He wanted to do this and that I just had to accept that. We finally came to the agreement, that if He ever came to Europe, I'd have to buy Him lunch.

I've thought about it for a while, and it took me some time to get used to the idea of someone doing something without wanting anything in return.Even though I'm someone who likes to do this kind of stuff myself, it's not something I'm used to, but I have to say, I really think it is very nice and people/I should  appreciate it for what it is. It's pretty rare nowadays for people to just think of others instead of themselves, and I'm really happy that I'm one of the people on the receiving end. It makes me feel like there's still good people out there, something I tend to forget when I watch the news.
So I want to thank Him again(for like the 7394738473749th time) for his Random Act of Kindess, and for reminding me of the beauty that can be found in making other people happy without thinking of yourself. He is an example to others and I hope He knows that :)

Last saturday, this came in the mail:

This was on the little recycled cotton bag:
 The art is from The Nebulous Kingdom, but the pendant was made by Olive Bites Studio. The pendant is made from a recycled car part, and it's magnetic. The other 3 pieces are buttons that can be placed easily on th pendant, with the magnet clicking it together.

Cloesup of the beautifull art:
I totally adore it, and I've already worn it :) This has already become one of my favourite necklaces.

Have you ever been the receiver or the bringer of a Random Act of Kindness?


  1. Awww that is so lovely!!! Love random acts of kindness!! Seriously this made my heart smile!

  2. Oooh! Hoe sweet! Best romantsich eigenlijk ook. *zucht*

  3. @suzanne haha zo noemen we onze groep met vrouwen(en enkele mannen) van over de hele wereld die al n paar jr met elkaar kletsen over boeken, films, alles eigenlijk.

    @maaike hahah nee dat is t niet, het is puur vriendschappelijk en gewoon heel erg aardig :)