Wednesday, January 26, 2011

NOTD: Valentine / Spring Nails: Big Spender Wanted for My Heart

This is a NOTD with 2 different polishes and some Konad nailart.
I applied Catrice's Big Spender Wanted first, a beautifull babypink with golden shimmer, that turn it into a peachypink. Then I used OPI's Bastille My Heart to make a french manicure. This polish is a red with a pinkish undertone, so I thought they would fit nicely together.

I used these Konad nail art stickers:

It was really hard to get the pink on the cam like it really was, so I have used different lighting.
Unfortuntely, my nails are pretty round, when you look at them from the tips of my fingers. Which makes using nail art stickers a bit tricky. Especially if they are a bit bigger or even 3D. That's why I have the booboo on the pinky and the ringfinger: the sticker just didn't want to stay round to by nail, it wanted to be straight. I tried using extra topcoat, but there I made another booboo, because I forgot I had the Essence Nail art topcoat and used INM instead. I can't advice you to use a thick coat of INM, because you won't get a good result.

Still, I think it turned out pretty good, I applied the stickers because my mom loves butterflies and we were going to see her. And butterflies can be valentine-sy when you think about the feeling in your stomach when your in love ;)

This is a pic without flash, see hte diference in colour, the pink is more like this, than the above pics.

A picture in daylight, once again a different pink, still not really the right one. But you CAN see the golden shimmer in it on this one. This was taken days later, the flowers that were already booboos started coming loose here.

Are you interested in more valentine nails? Or maybe even Valentine looks?

I gave the rest of these stickers to my mom, she has much flatter nails, so they should stick better to hers, and she loves butterflies :)


  1. wow love the nails. they look so pretty!! the stickers are cutee!!

  2. I love the idea of the French nail done with those colors. I do love the classic white but it is hard to find good combinations out there. Great colors!

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