Thursday, January 20, 2011

NOTD: Poison Me with Magic Stars

This is an NOTD with two polishes.

Catrice's Poison Me, Poison You, a beuatifull dark purple:

And Gosh' Magic Star, a clear base with blue, green and gold/orange glitter:

Creating a fun effect together. I'm not sure what I think of the colour combo, because orange clashes a bit with purple, but it didn't look too horrible.

Do you ever use colourcombos that don't really go together?


  1. That look is gorgeous! as is the shape of your nails! ^__^ The only color combo I've ever done that didn't go together was a light blue and a burnt orange color. It looked...funny? :P

  2. @ionadhtalamh, thats just the way my nails grow. They are pretty rounded if you look at them from the bottom, they are like half moons), so I couldn't even have straightedged nails if I wanted to, because I would be getting caught on everything. I like this shape though, so it works for me :)

    thanx all, it was unexpectedly not ugly, hahah

  3. Deze is echt geniaal mooi!