Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Years Eve: EOTD, OOTD & just pics

So here are some pics of my New Years Eve. I had to work first, so this is me in the morning, right before, Im NOT a morning person, as you can see.

I also had to do my makeup already, because after work we had to go to my sissterinlaws house. I didn't have much time for anything gorgeous, but still, it was at least sparkly ;)

After work I added some fake lashes, and changed my lipstick, and I was ready to go! I love hpow the holographic glitter and blue eyeshadow with sparkles, matched my nails :)

So, after work, I looked like this:

I'm wearing a gorgeous bra by Hunkemoller with rhinestone chains across my chest. A leather strapless dress, which isn't strapless anymore, because I gave it leather straps :P. A black knitted bolero, Black leggings and black 'overknee' boots. Because we had to walk, I wore flat boots instead of heels, I didn't want to take extra shoes with me.

Unfortunately the dress was a bit too wide in some places, I had to take it in below my breats, and I'm not really happy with how that turned out, but at least it fitted better. I didn't take in the extra fabric  on my belly and hips...because when I sat down, the dress went up, really fast. I needed all the fabric I could get for that, hahhaa. I have a big ass, deal with it :P

And here are some random pics:

me in midesentence again, thanx hun! see where all that leather ends up??

first pic of 2011, it looks like my nose is crooked, ieuw

second try at first pic of 2011, hahah, I can't aim my cam when Im kissing.

just us, partying outside

me and Merlijn...with Martijn being weird in the background

Our little crazy family

me being...well..just me..haha


  1. OMG merlijn has gotten so big!! You look FAB as always!! =)

  2. @megs, i know! he turns 12 in fast they grow up... and thanx babe, coming from you, who looks perfect always..thats a big compliment :)

    @femketje, thanx :)

  3. I have never seen a couple with more gorgeous hair than you guys!! LOVE it!

  4. @lyndsey..well..mine's fake :P