Friday, January 7, 2011

Lush Valentine products preview

Lush will be releasing this years Valentine products on januari 11th in the webshop and januari 17th in stores!

There are some old acquintances in there, but also some new products. So lets have a look!

FROG PRINCE Bath Ballistic (€4.95 a piece )
We all know the fairytale, where the princess kisses the frog, right? Well, Lush can't garantuee that this one will turn into a prince, but it never hurts to try! You never know, maybe you'll be in your bath with two instead of one ;) This bath ballistic has a tempting scent of freshly picked flowers.

100 ml €7.95
250 ml 14.50
500 ml €24.95
This is something a LOT of people have been waiting for! This showergel is totally new and has the scent of the famous Honey I Washed The Kids soap! So if you're loving that soap, or anything honey, you'' definately love this!

X-Factor Bath Ballistic (€3.95 a piece)
 This product was in the Valentine range last year. The X-Factor is a bath balisstic with two stories. In one story the heart of this man is burning with passion for you and you both can't wait to get together. In the other story, the man has broken your heart , whcih gives him the eX factor.In that story you break his little neck, arms and legs to dissolve him in the water of your tub. Either way you'll have a lovely bath filled with Ylang Ylang.

LOVE BIRDS Zeep(€4.95 - 100g)
Isn't this soap totally adorable? It would look awesome as a weddingfavour!  Ofcourse it would look good in your bathroom aswell ;) This lovely soap has the scent of jasmin and vanilla.

Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar Slice (€4.25 a piece)

Lush is very good at making love spells, but they only work on people who are available, so not on people who are already taken or anything like that. This magic mushroom gives you the confidence to conquer that love of your life(or just the night).
This lovely mushroom is very special, because it is made up from 2 different Lush scents: Vanillary in the white parts and Yummy Yummy Yummy in the red part. This will bewitch anyone who bathes in it!
You can just crumble it under running water and you'll get a bathtum fill of foam.

P.S. I LOVE YOU gift (€24.95)

This cute little gift will melt your (secret) lovers heart. It's got three lovely showerproducts and one strawberry scented massagebar, don't forget to share ;)
Content: The Joy of Jelly (100g) , Strawberry Feels Massage Bar (mini 25g), Love Birds Soap (90g), Sex In
The Shower Emotibomb.

BE MINE gift (€49.95)

This gift was made last year aswell, but this year it has a totally different content. So don't mix this one up with last years gift, it's much bigger!
I don't think you can be any more obvious than with this gift: Be Mine.
These products are all sweet and tempting, perfect for valentine. And you ca use the box for storage later on, maybe for all the loveletters you wrote eachother? ;)
Content: Melting Marshmallow Moment Bath Melt, It’s Raining Men Shower Gel 100g, Sex Bomb Bath Ballistic, Sugar Babe, Soft Coeur, Lust Solid Perfume.

So don't forget to check out the  webshop on the 11th or the stores on the 17th!

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