Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jolie Shirley

When we went shopping on saturday, we also went to this new chocolate/tea/pastry shop. One of my collegues had told me they sold chocolate suitable for diabetics, so we had to go :)

We bought the chocolate, which turned out to be bonbons, which isn't something Sidney normally eats. He just wants chocolate, and lots of it. But, this was suitable for diabetics and we had to try. They seem to have normal chocolate aswell, but those were sold out. Sid also choose the other 2 things, I'm not such a big chocolate fan, although I did pick up a 85% chocolatebar.(I forgot to photograph it) I'm more into dark chocolate and just a little piece at a time...or bonbons with crunchy bits.

We also bought tea, very nice and dark tea. I loooooove dark tea, especially with some lemon or jasmin in it.
I bought these cute glass jars at xenos for just a couple of euros. Perfect to store the teas. We also bought 2 tea-eggs. I haven't photographed those, because they are being used already. Mine is very stylish and is kind of like a long oval tube with little holes on the lower part. Sids is an oval egg which opens like scissors.

And for those of you who know New Kids (Turbo), you will probably laugh as hard as I did when I saw these:
I said 'omg i have to photograph these, because otherwise noone will believe me', which the seller thought was really funny, espcially when she heard I was from the south :)
(for you nonDutch readers, i can't really explain the phenomenon that is New Kids, sorry! Just think...Southpark humour and you might understand a bit)

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