Thursday, January 13, 2011

EOTD: Purples with Sugarpill

The idea for this EOTD came from BlogginBeauties. Lisanne used 2 purples by Sugarpill to create a look, and I really wanted to try it out myself.

I used Gosh eyeshadowbasestick, to help the loose powder stick to my eyes.
I used the Sugarpill loose powder Weekender on my whole eyelid. And into the outer V and above the crease I applied  the Sugarpill eyeshadow Poison Plum.

 Because I thought Weekender had enough shimmer and glitter (sparkly!), I used a nude coloured highliter below my brows.
 I applied some black gelliner, to make it a bit more darker towards to eye.

Below my eye I applied Gosh's Purple Stain with some Poison Plum applied on top of it.

 I used some Gosh Natural Touch Foundation(more on that later)  and Gosh's Amethyst lipstick(which reflects really weird on the pics). Don't you just love my Nightmare before christmas robe? :))

We went shopping like this, I also wore a black short skirt, black leggings with grey knittedlegwarmers, and black hightopped sneakers.

And here's a random weird pic that I took after we went home and wanted to schnuggle up on the couch in my favourite vest:


  1. love the purple lids and the last pic w/the hood up. So hmmm i dont know, as the french say "je ne sais quoi" is just has something to it...very catching!

  2. Why do you make your brows so dark? They look like sharpies because they look "painted on". It throws off the entire look in my opinion and makes your face look a bit weird. Sorry! :(
    Nice eye look btw.

  3. @megs, hahaha well uhm..its my relaxing attire at home :)

    @kara, because they are blonde and my face looks even weirder 'without' eyebrows.

  4. Hi Jasmine,
    I understand blond eyebrows would look a bit weird with dark hair. But the shape and technique that you used to draw them on, makes them look very harsh and unnatural. I'm only suggesting that you could make them look a bit softer so they don't stand out so extremely the way they do now.
    I don't mean to offend you, it's just some thingy I noticed. In your older looks they looked softer.

  5. @kara, i know what you mean, but My brows have changed frequently the last few years. Im still figuring out what i like best. I havent figured out the perfect way yet, when i do, ill yet you know ;)