Thursday, January 27, 2011

EOTD: Jet Set Magpie & How to Annoy a 12 yr old on his Bday

This look was done with some colours I hand't used yet, and thought would look nice together.

 On the eyelid I applied Gosh eyeshadowbase, beacuse that stick is really easy for loose powders to stick to.
Then I applied Sleek's IDust Jet Set On the whole eyelid.

 In the outer V I applied Sugarpill's Magpie and blended the two of them a bit together. BElow the eye I used the same colours.
I used a nude coloured highlighter below my brows so my eyes wouldn't get to much like a discoball.

 Then I applied some black gelliner and voila!

On my face I used some Catrice's BUrgundy blush and Evil Shades Bane lipstick. Gorgous soft pink with a blue shine that doesn't want to be photographed properly.
 I was still not feeling well here, but had worked all day and had to go to Sid's nephews bdayparty. The very nextday my body had a breakdown and the flu came back with a vengeance :(
 Sometimes, when I'm not feeling well, I dress in bold colours to try and make me feel a bit better, sometimes it works :) Unfortunately, this time, my body wouldn't fall for it.

And how do you annoy a 12 year old that only wanted money for his birthday? I alsmot never give money for a bday, I think it's impersonal and I love trying to find that perfect present for someone. Some say I have a knack for it, but trust me, it can be really difficult sometimes. Anyway, I should applaud a 12 yr old for wanting to save money for something, so I would. But when i -do- give someone money, it'll never be -just- money. I tend to buy a cucumber, put it in a little pot and push coins in it to make a money cactus, or buy special giftcards, or even make my own, or whatever.

This time, I did this:

That paper that you're seeing, are all coins, individually wrapped in paper, and put into a glass jar.
The santaman is a ballistic from Lush(he's addicted to the brand, so I might be his favourite aunt for working there lol ), that was divided in two, so it had a front and a back:
Pulling this together, only cost me some money and weirdly enough not more than 15 mins......
His face when he opened his present: PRICELESS!


  1. I love the birthday present idea - so neat! At least his money will smell awesome ;)

    Hope you feel better soon ): You look lovely and I love how nicely your makeup and outfit go together!

  2. I love the makeup!
    That gift is great! Very creative way to give a kid something he kinda wanted (money) but making it impossible! LOL

  3. Well done, both on the present & the look. I hope you'll feel better soon!