Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Review : Gosh Soft 'n Shine, no. 41, Kiss

This Soft 'n Shine is a bit different from the others. It's colour is more pigmented and it looks more like a lipstick than a lipbalm. For that reason, I didn't buy it at first, but later on, I decided I really wanted to try it anyway. I'm a sucker for reds, but my lips usually don't really like lipsticks.

The Soft 'n Shine comes in a very nice package, it's black with a silver shine to it. The cap clicks into place when you close it, so you don't have to worry about it opening in your purse.
The balm itself can be moved upwards by turning  the bottom, like with most lipsticks.

Like I said before, this balm is really pigmented. When I swatched it on my arm the first time, it wouldn't come off. With my pale lips, a lot of pigmentation is something I really like.
I wore this one for an entire day, sometimes applying some more, after having eaten and such. Still, even after eating, the balm was staying on pretty good. It was more for the inner part of the lips, that I applied some more. It also didn't run int the lines of my lips, something a lot of products tend to do.

I -really- love this one, it's pigmentation (for a lipbalm) is wonderfull, but it doens't have the stickyness that most lipsticks do. It still has that shine to it like the other Soft 'n Shine have. You can see it on the picture below, it gives a different effect than a lipstick. My lips weren't dried out or anything, they still felt really soft after I removed it.

One 'negative' thing though: the balm transfers very easily to food, glasses or even your hand when you accidentily come across your lips. The balm will still be fine on your lips though, but the red is very 'present', especially if you have it on your hands without noticing.

So, if you adore red lipstick, but you have sensitive lips, this might really be a product for you. It still cares for your lips, but also gives a great colour.
I would really love it if Gosh made more Soft 'n Shines, with this pigmentation in other colours: more reds and oranges and maybe even purple or something.

What do you think? Would you rather have a lipstick? Do you already own any Soft 'n Shines, and how do you like them?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

NOTD: Etos effect nails no. 010

This is another Etos nailpolish, because I really liked the other one I got.

This nailpolish applies easily and dries pretty fast aswell. It costs 2,49 euros if I'm not mistaken.
The nailart sticker is by Essence, they come in a pack with lots of them in it, and they cost 1,49 euros, or something like that.

This is another holographic polish, but the holographic effect on this one is much harder to see than with for example the blue one. It looks more like a pale purple with lots of silver shimmer in it. Picture below was taken with daylight:

Monday, March 29, 2010

EOTD: Simple Spring look with Bourjois

On March 20th, all Bourjois products had a 50% discount at Etos. I bought a new eyeshadow, a lovely pinkish purple, which is really hard to photograph, and a bright green eyelinerpencil.

Product names:
Bourjois eyeshadow, 48 Vert Petillant
Bourjois eyeshadow, 17 Prune Intense
BourjoisRegard Effect, Ducochrome Eyeliner, 64 Tilleul Dore

The purple looks more like this though:

Unfortunately, on the pics of the EOTD, its also looks like a standard purple, which really is a shame, because it's a amazing colour.

I used Hema eyeshadowbase and NYX jumbo pencil Milk on my whole eyelid. This way the colour come out eactly like they are in the round boxes.

I applied the green eyeshadow on my inner eyecorner, and towards the middle of the eyelid. Next to that I applied the purple and blended it towards my inner eyecorner in the crease.
Below the eyes I applied eye eyeliner pencil for about half of the way, and net to that I applied the purple again, on top of some Milk. With a little mascara, it looks like this:

Saturday, March 27, 2010

EOTD: Spring look with Gosh Quattro Toucan

 Today's EOTD:

Remember the Moodboard I made back in January?

This EOTD was inspired by those colours.

Products I used:
  • Hema eyeshadowbase
  • NYX jumbo pencil Milk
  • Gosh Quattro 33, Toucan
  • The Falsies mascara

 I used the hema eyeshadowbase as a base, and on top of the the Milk pencil, to give the colours that extra pop they have in the palette. I applied the Milk on my eyelid and blended it a little in my crease.

I applied the colour starting from yellow, clockwise to the purple. I started on my inner eyecorner towards my outer eyecorner, with the yellow, green and blue, and applied the purple in my crease.

I also applied some purple in my outer V. Below the eyes I applied the blue and purple again.

After that, I applied some mascara. I also applied some mascara to my lower lashes, because I always want something dark below my eyes. But for some reason my lowerlashes really don't go well with mascara. They always look like they have crumbs on it or something.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Tips and Ideas...

I was wondering if there were special things you would like me to blog about.Ideas or requests are always welcome...
Would you like to see more reviews, or more international brands, or just more EOTDs, or even more personal stuff,  for example?

Also, I've been thinking about the How to's I promised, like 'How to make a wing with eyeliner', and such. But I'm not sure how to do that withouth posting too many pics, because the blogs would get really long that way. Any suggestions?

Slowly I've been getting more followers. *yeay* I know a -lot- of you just read my blog without following me, I can see that on Google analytics and read it on fora, but it would be really cool if you would follow anyway.
Maybe BLOGLOVIN is something you might like. It's a great way to keep up to date with all the blogs you like. You just add you're favourite blogs and the site gives all the updates per blog in a neat little row. I've also got a bloglovin button on my blog (it's on the right), if you want to add me.

Also, I love all the feedback and comments I get on facebook and fora, but it would be easier for me, if you would all just post them here. It's easier for me to keep track of everything that way, and some comments might come in handy for other readers. So thanx in advance!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

EOTD: simple green look

This is a more simple/daily version of the EOTD I did here . I actually made this EOTD before that one :)

This EOTD was made with:
  • Hema eyeshadowbase
  • Gosh eyeshadowbase
  • Everyday minerals, Pressed Olive
  • Morbid minerals, Morbid
  • Gosh, Velvet touch eyeliner, Woody green
  • The Falsies

I started out with the Hema eyeshadowbase and used the Gosh one on top of it. The Gosh base is a lot stickier, so the loose powders will stick to it better than to just the Hema base.
I applied some Pressed Olive in the inner eyecorner and to the middle part of the eye. I also applied some in the crease.
Next to that towards the outer eyecorner, I applied some Morbid, aswell as into the crease. I blended them together, and applied some more to make sure the colours were still applied evenly.

After that, I applied some Woody Green close to my lashes, as an eyeliner.

I also applied the same eyeliner below my eyes.

After applying some mascara, the EOTD is done.

I also made a FOTD of this look, where I used:
  • Everyday minerals, Soft butter peach, original glo, base
  • Everyday minerals Multitasking concealer
  • Catrice, Mineral soft powder rouge, no.120 Wild Rose
  • Gosh, Soft 'n Shine, Mocha

On this picture you can also see how much my cats love me, the sweater I was wearing had a lot of cathair on it, lol. Oh well, as long as I'm just at home, I don't mind.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

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NOTD: Caribbean Sea Deluxe

This NOTD was made with the following products:
  • Essence Show your feet, toe nail polish, Caribbean Sea
  • Essence Nailart, Glitter Topper, Glitter Deluxe

The toe nail polish is espcially for toe nails, antibacterial and all, but it's also very suitable to wear as a normal nailpolish. By the way, the shiny cuticles are from the cuticle oil ;)

The glitter topper consists of a clear polish with holographic..'flakes' in it. I have no idea what else to call them :P

When the 'flakes' catch the light, they reflect all the colours of the rainbow, which hives an awesome effect.

This is the polish in daylight:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

EOTD: Sea Me in Plush Paradise

Products I used for this EOTD:
  • Hema eyeshadowbase
  • Gosh eyeshadowbase
  • Gosh effect powder, Paradise
  • Gosh effect powder, Sea Me
  • Miss SporyShimmer Dust, Plush
  • 2True Eyeshadow Dazzler, no. 3
  I applied the eyeshadowbases on top of eachother, I used the Gosh one to make it more sticky.

I applied the Paradise on the inner eyecorner. It's a silver colour, but with a golden shimmer in it. Which makes it a very hard to define colour. On the rest of the eyelid, I applied the Plush shimmer dust, it's the first I got from this brand, and it's pretty pigmented. I'm impressed.

Above the Plush, and in the crease, I applied the 2True eyeshadow dazzler. Then, Above that, I applied the Sea Me. I also applied some on the outer V.
Below the eyes I used the same colours as above, to match it. And then I applied some mascara (The Falsies).

What do you think? I think the colours go really well together, but I really had to get used to the light/soft colours. Normally I always wear something dark on my eyes, even if it's just a little.

Monday, March 22, 2010

EOTD: Mac Blue Brown Pigment and comparing dupe

This EOTD was made with my new Mac Pigment(actually my first MAC pigment ;) )

I did everything the same way as I did in this blog with the Morbid Mineral : Twisted Faces, so I could compare the two.

Instead of a Barry M dazzle dust, this time I used the Gosh effect powder, Apple Jam. This effect powder has a certain shimmer that I thought would really go well with the Mac pigment.

As you can see, this pigment also has that nice effect of having two colours when the light hits it right.

So is Morbid Minerals: Twisted Faces a good dupe for Mac Blue Brown Pigment?

What are the real differences?
  • Price: Mac is expensive, and I don't think this one is still sold in stores.
  • Texture: Mac looks more grainy in the pot, MM more like any loose mineral.
  • Shimmer: Mac definately shimmers more, but it's not like MM doesn't shimmer at all. The MM is more subtle, maybe better for daily looks.
  • Duochrome effect: Mac definately has the better effect. It's more visible and more blue. Still, the MM isn't badlooking, especially if you don't have Mac to compare it with.
  • Creasing: Mac doensn't crease on my eyes, MM can crease a little after a while.
  • Pigmentation: You do need more powder if you use the MM eyeshadow. The Mac pigment, is -so- pigmented it even shows really well without base, and you need very little.
  • Colour: I like the brown colour of the MM more than the Mac colour. But that's just personal taste.

YES, I think Twisted Faces is a great dupe for Blue Brown, especially if you don't have both to compare to eachother.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bought some Mac products

I blogged before, about really wanting to have the MAC Blue Brown pigment. When I found it online at Markplaats for a reasonable price, I decided to buy it.
Since it had to be send in a package I purchased 2 more products from the same buyer.

What did I buy?
  • MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner Stick SPF 15, Strobe Current
  • Mac Pigment, Blue Brown
  • Maybelline Moisture Whip, Seduction

And what did I pay for it all? The tinted lip conditioner for 10 euros, the pigment for 15 euros and the lipstick for 1 euro. The shippingcosts were 5 euros.

And here are some swatches. I'm sorry about the pigment that rained all over the rest, I promiss I will post blogs about each product on it's own afte I've used them.

I'm curious about the tintet lipbalm, I'm always in to try those out, because lipsticks don't go well with my lips. And my lips are so pale, I really like to put some colour on them. The pigment is -really- good, I haven't even used a base for it on my arm, this pic was made in daylight, trust me, there's more then there seems to be. The lipstick tip was a bit crushed, that's why it was applied a bit thicker on the side. But it was package filler anyway, I do like the colour though.

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L'Oreal: all Re-Perfect and Revitalift: 10 euros

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

How To: removing glitter/effect nailpolish

A lot of people have been asking me how I remove glitter/effect nailpolishes. Well, I usually just do it like with any other polish. It just takes a little bit longer and maybe a cotton pad or 2 more. Maybe it's because I always use a nailhardener as a basecoat or wear another nailpolish underneath, but I usually don't have any big problems with removing them.

But since I read about the Mad as a Hatter being really difficult to take off, I decided to use a trick I read about at Polishsis. I tried it out last tuesday, since I was going to take off the Mad as a Hatter that day anyway.

Here is what you do:
You start out with some cotton pads cut it half, some nailpolish remover and some tin foil.

You take a half of a cotton pad, put some remover on it, and then place it onto your nail. Then you take some tin foil and put that over your nail.

After that, you just wait for a little some tv or something like that, because anything else is pretty difficult with your hand bound like that. Wait for about 10 mins or more.

This is what my pads looked like when I took them off:

As you can see, a lot of the Drama Queen is on the pads, but not a lot of Mad as a Hatter. I'm not sure why that is. The Drama Queen was -underneath- the Mad as a Hatter, so it almost seems as if the Drama Queen sifted trough the glitters to the pads.
Anyway, the Mad as a Hatter didn't come off entirely, but the polish could be swiped off pretty easy with the same pads:

I used the tin foil for over 10 mins, so I don't think time was the critical factor. Maybe it was because I was wearing nailhardener and a nailpolish underneath, I'm not sure. Still, it -is- a good way to get the polish off, because it seems to soak a little which makes it easier to remover in a few swipes with a pad.

Friday, March 19, 2010

EOTD: Different shades of Blue

This EOTD was made with only blues, a colour I don't usually wear, but I'm getting more and more comfortable with it.

Products I used:
  • Hema eyeshadow base
  • NYX jumbo pencil, Milk
  • NYX jumbo pencil. Black Bean
  • 88 palette shimmer/or matte
  • Barry M, Fine Glitter Dust, no. 20
  • Gosh effectpowder, Sea Me
  • Essence Multidimension eyeshadow, no. 07 Blue Lagoon
  • Gosh effectpowder, Blue Diamond
  • Gosh velvet touch eyeliner, Pretty Petrol
  •  The Falsies mascara

I started out with the Hema eyeshadow base as usual. Then I applied some tape on my outer eyecorner, to create a tight line at the end. I used the jumbo pencils like I did before and blended those out like always.

I used the darkest blue of the 88 palette on my whole eyelid. I used the matte for this one and later applied some shimmer on top to match it more with the shimmers above. Then I applied the dark blue above it in the palette in the crease above the darkest blue.

Then I applied the Barry M dust in the crease and on the outer eyecorner. After that I applied the effect powder Sea Me and some Essence Blue Lagoon. As a highlighter and towards the rest of the eyeshadows to blend it more, I used the effect powder Blue Diamond. I blended them all together and after that applied them once more from top to bottom to give them some extra colour.

Then I applied some jumbo pencil below the eyes and applied the darkest blue again. For some reason it doenst show well on the picture, but it was really dark in reallife. After that I took the tape away and applied some Pretty Petrol on my waterline.

After applying some mascara, I used The Falsies, the EOTD was done.

What do you think? Do you ever wear blue eyeshadow?