Wednesday, December 8, 2010


So last weekend was Sinterklaas, for those of you who don't know what it is, there's google :P

We gave eachother small gifts with a poem, and no weird selfmade pakaging(surprises), because we decided we wouldnt do those this year. The kids just got a huge amount of gifts and headaches because they were nervous. LOL. They went to sleep at 10 o clock, which, trust me on this, is -really- early if they sleep at grandmas house.

Anyway, I made some pics, so if you don't care about the personal yadayada, you can stop reading now.

It was Daan's first bday, gawd, we have to start all over again with the festivities, right after the other 2 finally 'understood' Sinterklaas. BUT, I just had to show you the pics I made, because it was just too cute.
His first stklaas gift ever:

Right after this, he started thwoing it on the ground, on Sidneys toes, which was a fun game. Well, to Daan, not to Sid.

This is how he looked when he was playing with the tube that came off his new toy vacuumcleaner. Apparantly he tries to play with it at home, so his mom bought him a toyversion. The tube made a funny noise when you rubbed it against the box where he was sitting in, so he had to laugh everytime we pulled it. (He held one end and he had given me the other end).

Here are some of the presents Merlijn got, don't mind the fake posing faces he's making. Everytime I said 'and how happy are you with it' he started jumping out of camerashot, or made really weird faces. lol

Some LOTR games to play with us, he loved the movies, so hopefully he'll love the games aswell.

 Lego Rockband, he also got the new Guitar hero. He is addicted to playing those on guitar or singing the songs.
He really wanted soemthing that could fly and have a remote controller. We'll have to wait for the weather to be better though. And it's actually 14+, so he'll have to play with it, when we are there, it's pretty fragile...but awesome.

Sid introduced Merlijn to Star Wars and he's been in love with it ever since.(He's got several shirts of it) So it wasn't a big surprise that he wanted Star Wars Lego. I won't bore you with all the other pics with the rest of the gifts that run from Spongebob to Pokemon to computergames to making crystals(which I think will be fun and interesting btw) and so on. You have no idea how heavy it was to tow home through the snow. Poor us. But at least he was happy :)

Sid with one of his gifts, you can always make him happy with art supplies and whisky, which is exactly what he got.

Me receiving my gift. Yes, I liked it and no I'm not making a face. Hubs is an expert on snapping pictures while I'm talking which is why I look so weird. The walking through the -15 degrees celsius didnt help with my skin and hair either, lol. It was a Hunkemoller gift card, which always comes in handy. Especially when you're working when you have to fill in your gift requests. Hubs didn't get much further than this one or a gift card when he wrote mine. LOL. Then again, I don't mind what I get, it's the thought that counts.

What did you get?


  1. Next weekend we will have to play those games you know?

    Daan is funny....

  2. Sadly, out Sinterklaas party was cancelled because of the snow :(.
    But now we will celebrate Sinterklaas and christmas on one day, which will be fun ;).