Monday, December 20, 2010

Serious Request 2010: Give them back their Future

It's that time of the year again.....I'm not really into christmas, because December is a really busy month for us. Not just with Sinterklaas, Christmas and New Year, but also with a -lot- of bdays in the family.
To me christmas reminds me of snow...and serious request. Hubs and I always follow the djs in the glass house and always try to support SR in one way or another.

I was so excited when I heard that SR would be in Eindhoven this year. It's not that far from my parents, and we usually go to my parents in the same period that the glass house would be there. Unfortunately for me, this year it wasn't the snow that stopped me from going to my grandmothers and my dads bday, this year it was work. We'll probably try to go and see them in January.
Anyway, we still want to donate, like we do every year.
This year there weren't Serious Request stamps available, so we opted for Tshirts instead. That way we can wear those every yr with every Serious Request and make people aware of the dj's and their charitywork.

We ordered these:
For Hubs, since he can rock any colour.
For me, since I really can't rock that pale blue.

So what IS Serious Request?
Last Saturday three 3FM radioDj's, Gerard, Giel and Coen, have locked themselves in, in a glass house. They are going to DJ around the clock, WITHOUT EATING from dec 18th till dec 24th. They do this every year, working together with the Red Cross, to collect money for charity. This year, the charity will be 'Aids Orphans'.
Theese are children that were orpahned because Aids killed their parents. SOme of them have aids themselves, some of them don't. We none of them have education, food or someone to look after them.
The Red Cross wants to change that, and give them back their future.

Previous Serious Requests:

2004: 915.955 euros for the refugees in Darfur.
2006: Studio Brussel joins the action
2008: Swedish Pr/SVT joins the fun
2008: Nairobi, Kenya introduces a Glass House.
2008: 5.737.937 euros is donated to help refugees.
2009: Swiss radiostation DRS 3 and Schweizer Fernsehen join SR.
2009:  7.113.447 euros is donated to help against malaria.

I think it's really good that other countries have joined in on the action. The Glass House in Kenya isn't really about collecting money, it's about giving FREE Aidstests to people. Their government gives free medicine to people with aids, but the aidstest arent for free, and not everyone can afford those. So now they can be tested and know within 20 mins if they have aids. They can get medical help immediately after that. I heard that over 300 tests have been done on the very frist day.

Everyone can help:
You can donate money by sending textmessages, request a certain song, buy stuff from the SR webshop, donate empty bottles(thanx to Coca Cola) or participate in the auction. Lots of stuff has been donated for the auction by famous people, but there are also masterclasses, art, and other stuff to bid on.
You can start your own collection online or think of some other way to collect money.
Every euro matters! Especially this year, when our government decided NOT to double the money, which I think is ridiculous!

 Let's work together and give them back their future!

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  1. Thank you for the article, it's such an important cause, so let's give these innocent victims back their future! (or at least a small chance of having one...)