Monday, December 6, 2010

New makeup mirror haul

I've had this makeupmirror with lights in it for months, but I've also had a lot of trouble with it. The first one was leeching power from the batteries so fast, that the light dulled within days, and it's not like it was on for hours. So I got a new one(garantuee and all), which took some time, because they didn't have it in stock at the store anymore. This one worked better, but it still used a lot of batterypower. A few weeks ago, the light suddenly went dark and never came back on. I was seriously annoyed, and wanted a different, better one, preferably on without batteries.
So I started reading reviews online and searching for THE makeup mirror....and then I found the Babyliss 8425. It wasn't cheap, but my first mirror wasn't really cheap either(definately cheaper than this one though!). And I wanted a good one that I could use for years. Hubs told me to just order it, so finally I did. Unfortunately, after a mail that told me it would arrive only a week later, I received a second mail, that my mirror would not be delivered that week. Boo! Doing my (natural blonde) eyebrows in the dark mornings isn't fun without a mirror with a light.  BUT, then I receieved another mail that it was send, and it arrived last saturday, Yeay!

The mirror was send in it's orriginal packaging, without an extra box around it, saving me from trying to pry another box from my cats' claws. ;) Trust me, this really is hard, which is proven by the enormous box that is still standing in my livingroom that contained a big sratchingpost. (well it arrived on friday, so it isn't THAT weird :P )The cats are positive that the box came with the scratchingpost and therefore is another toy/fort/scratchthingy for them. But I'm getting sidetracked...

Isn't it gorgeous?

The mirror is HUGE!, trust me on this... It has 3 different kinds of lights and I'm already in love with it.

Look at the difference between the 2!, On the right is my old mirror, which size really is sufficient, even though it looks tiny now. On the left is my new mirror, which can show my whole head and still has room left to reflect for my surroundings.

I'll post a review later on, I just want to try stuff out for some time before I can post a good and honest review :) But I'm really happy that I have a new mirror and I'll have fun trying it out.


  1. Ik heb hem ook! Ik ben er heel erg tevreden van, ik hoop dat jij er ook evenveel plezier van zult beleven!

  2. That's nice mirror :)!
    I just bought a new mirror for €1 at euroland.
    Needless to say it's made from cheap plastic and doesn't have alight in it ;).

  3. hai, kun je me vertellen waar je deze hebt gekocht? i need it!

  4. @makeup monstertje: daar is hij ook t goedkoopste geloof ik