Thursday, December 2, 2010

Makeup / Fashion Haul

Because last sunday, our mall was open, I had saturday off. I usually work every saturday, so this was a welcome change. We decided to go to the city, to go to the market, and shop around for some dec 5th presents and some stuff for ourselves. Afterwards we went to see the new Harry Potter movie.

At the market I bought some warm sweaters, which aren't that interesting to show, and are mainly for work. Because my work sits at a corner of the mall, the wind tends to come inside and make it really cold. So I needed those :)
I've also bought an ideal vest, which at first sight wasn't really my taste, but when I out it on, I fell in love with it. Sometimes those things just happen..

 The vest comes to my ankles, it's really really long. The sleeves have a wider end and the whole vest has a sort of ruffle on the end. It has 3 tiny hooks in the front that can be used to close it. And it's really really warm!
The colour is a dark purple mixed with black:

I bought the cutest little black dress I ever owned:

It's made of black satin, without a stretch and black lace. I immediately fell in love with the top part, I really like the way it's draped. And since it's made of two of my favourite fabrics, I liked the rest aswell, d0h.
I was doubting if I was going to buy it though... The waist is a bit too wide, but not in a way that it shows, but the lower part was -really- tight. I have a hourglass figure, and the dress almost seemed made for me. People in the store said so aswell, lol. But I was afraid I wasn't able to sit in it, being that tight, and not stretchy. So I tried it without the leggings I was wearing and that made a difference. Not much, but enough. So I guess I'll only wear it with stockings or in the summer. Or just standing, hahaha. Nah, It's not like I'm going to burst out of it, I just like my clothing to have some room, normally. Still...I knew I would regeret it if I dind't buy it, so here it is :)

Then we went to Ici Paris Xl, where we were greeted by the woman who usually helps us with a 'long time to see'. She even asked me how I liked my 8 hour cream,  that I bought months ago. It's always nice to be remembered in stores :)

My first Chanel makeup: Rouge Allure Lipstick in the colour Fatale. Hopefully this won't dry out my lips and stay on better than other brands.
Clinique Redness Solutions, Urgent Relief Cream. Hopefully, that will help with the red sides of my nose. I've used it a couple of times now and my nose is already less dry there. Hooray!
Collistar nailpolishes, Viola Glitter(a duochrome) and Bordeaux Perlato.

Other than that I mostly bought socks, and presents for Merlijn. Sid also bought stuff like for example the Assassins creed brotherhood limited edition box thingy.

Here are some other fashion things I bought in the last weeks/months:

 A dress I bought at marktplaats. I'm a sucker for peacockfeathers, so I don't think this one needs a lot of explaining. ;)

A leather dress I really like. I am going to make shoulderbands on it though, I'm not a big fan of strapless stuff. And ofcourse I have to take in the waist, just like with the peacockdress. Yeah, having an hourglassfigure is lots of fun! Still, a leather dress..w00h00.. I've had a lot of leather things recently, and I seriously love it.

Another leather item, a wrap sleeveles vest, which to me reminds me a bit of the biker/rock look. Fits me like a glove. I have a weak spot of leather, can't help it.

A cute shirt with a print I adore. I mean, a cameo AND a peacockfeather?

So there it is...another haul :)

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  1. I like the clothes you bought :D.
    Myself, I'm also into things like leather and peacock feathers/prints and teal/seagreen/petrol colours.