Thursday, December 23, 2010

EOTD: an oldfashioned Christmas

Today is my dad's birthday!!!! Congratulations dad, sorry I can't be there, but we'll see you soon in 2011! *sm00ch*

When I think of christmas, I tend to think of the oldfashioned colour: gold, red and green. Nowadays other colours will come to me, like silver and purple, but I wanted to do an 'oldfashioned' christmas look.

I used Gosh eyeshadowbase, because I was going to use loose powders and this way they would stick to my eyelid better.

I started with Sleek eyedust Vintage on my inner eyecorner. This is a beautifull golden colour, that has a hint of old gold to it. It also has a beautifull metallic sheen.

Then I applied some Sleek eyedust Eden, a gorgeous dark green with onc again that beautifull metallic sheen to it.

Then I took some Mac pigment Heritage Rouge, and applied that above my crease. It's a bit darker in truth than on cam, but it turned a bit more brighter after it was blended and after a few hours it was more a toned down red. As a highlighter I used a nude colour by 2True.

Then I applied some Essence glittereyeliner to make it a bit more darker. Since I dont have many eyelashes, and they are natural blondes, I  always like to have some dark in my eotds.

Below my eyes, I applied Gosh velvet touch eyeliners Golden Moss and Woody Green.
You know, I have some funny christmass earrings that would go perfect with this look. It has golden, red and green christmas balls on a little chain. LOL


  1. Congratulations to your dad!
    A beautiful and dramatic look... ;)

  2. Beautiful!
    A very happy birthday to your Dad!

  3. Happy birthday to your dad!

    I think this look is very original, haven't seen any looks with these colours yet.
    It's pretty dramatic and I love it :)!