Tuesday, December 14, 2010

EOTD: New Kids Turbo

Something went wrong yesterday, so I didn't have a blog online, sorry about that!

Last saturday we(Sid and my 2 collegues) went to see New Kids Turbo.

I can't really explain what it's about, you just have to watch it to understand it. It's so bad, it's damn funny :)
And since I'm from the south aswell, I just love using their punchlines. Especially, because I can do the same accent :)

Anyway, the movie was totally freakin' awesome, so go and see it(well, if you're into this kind of humour, otherwise don't!). Weird thing though, it's said to be 12+, which was why the whole theatre was full of 12 yr olds(and 11 and 10 yrs olds), but it really -isn't- suitable for 12+. It's full of foul language, action and sex. Oh well....at least we got to bully the kids a bit, ahhahaha

I decided to use the New Kids Turbo logo, to create my eye of the day:

I used the Sleek Acid palette,because it has the perfect neongreen in it. I used the silvergrey colour of the palette on my whol eyelid. Then I applied the neongreen above the crease as a contrastcolour.

To make the look a bit darker, I used the black from the palette. I applied this in the outer V, and blended it with the silvergrey.

Below my eyes I applied my favourite Velvet touch eyeliner Hypnotic Grey by Gosh.

 Some Gosh Romantic lipstick on my lips and some Catrice blush on my cheeks. Yes, I'm supporting a weird face here...
...which is why I've cut off my head from the pic below, which was even worse. (but please note the awesome shirt, as a daughter of a policemen, this one rocks! It says 'Boefie', with the police logo in it)

I'm wearing a simple black longsleeve with the shirt on top, a black skinny jeans and black overknee boots, that hit my knees barely. Apparantly, when you have shoesize 37, you're not supposed to have long legs :(


  1. Great look and nice shirt :).
    O like the new kids too and I'm thinking of going to see the movie with my boyfriend.

  2. @corin, i love it aswell :)

    @freya, if you love the show, deff go and see the movie, it is soooo awesome! :)