Monday, November 29, 2010

Review & Swatches: Gosh Effect Powders part 5

As I've said before, Ive made pictures of swatches of my Gosh Effect Powders. I really didn't have right lighting, but hopefully, the pics turned out good enough for you to see the effects. It really is a shame that my cam makes the colours look bland, because they really are VERY pigmented, contrary to the pics.

Butterfly, Grape, Purple Rain, Plummy

Without flash:

Butterfly is a fabulous blueish purple colour, it tends to lean towards lilac in the jar. This effect powder is a duochrome, which means that it becomes a completely different colour on a black base. It then becomes a gorgeous more blueish colour.

Grape is a gorgeous dark purple with golden glitters. This is, as far as I know, a discon. If you can get your hands on it, I recommend that you do! A great colour for purple lovers.

With flash:

Purple Rain is a lighter purple, leaning towards lilac/pink with silver glitters. These glitters unfortunately create a lot of fallout, so beware.

Plummy is brownish colour with copper glitters. This is a great colour that goes perfectly with a lot of others. Definately one of my favs.

Butterfly, this duochrome is definately a musthave. Not just for purple lovers, but also for blue lovers, or people who just want something special.
Grape, a gorgeous purple, but a discon.
Plummy, awesome brown colour with copper glitters, great colour to have in your stash


  1. I really love Butterfly, it's goregous!!!

  2. I think Grape is my favourite, and only because I may have something similar to Butterfly already. Out of curiosity, does Grape have blue or red undertones?