Thursday, November 25, 2010

Review & Swatches: Gosh Effect Powders part 3

As I've said before, Ive made pictures of swatches of my Gosh Effect Powders. I really didn't have right lighting, but hopefully, the pics turned out good enough for you to see the effects. It really is a shame that my cam makes the colours look bland, because they really are VERY pigmented, contrary to the pics.

 This post is about the blue colours I own:

Blue Diamond, Sea Me, Bluebell , Aquatic, Azure

Without flash:

Blue Diamond is a light blue with a golden shine. It's a great colour if you always think of the 80's when you see blue eyeshadow. This one will definately change you idea about blue!

Sea Me is a semi darker blue with super tiny glitter in it. A great colour that goes with almost any other blue.

With flash:

Bluebell is kind of like a baby blue, a bit pastel. It has a lot of little silver glitters in it.

Aquatic is one of my favourites, it's definately a peacock blue.You all know how I feel about the colours of a peacockfeather ;)

Azure is another one of my favourites, it's a great turquoise green/blue mix, a perfect mermaid colour.

I seriously recommend Aquatic, because it's a peacockblue, d0h. Azure, because it's a special greenblue, that most people don't have in their stash and works great with other colours.
And maybe Blue Diamond, because it's a different kind of blue, because of the golden shine.


  1. I really like the first one. I like the third one too. I don't really use blue. With my eye color I usually use purple tones. Sometimes I use a reddish tone. I wish I could pull off blue color.

  2. I really like Sea Me, Aquatic en Azure.
    They are now on my wish list :D!

  3. Does Azure have any glitters in it? Or does it have more of a satin finish?
    P.S. thanks for all your Gosh Effect Powder reviews!