Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Review & Swatches: Gosh Effect Powders part 2

As I've said before, Ive made pictures of swatches of my Gosh Effect Powders. I really didn't have right lighting, but hopefully, the pics turned out good enough for you to see the effects.
It really is a shame that my cam makes the colours look bland, because they really are VERY pigmented, contrary to the pics.

This part is about the yellow/red/pink tones I own:

Glamour, Sunstone, Fox, Rose Gold, Rosewood

Without flash:

Glamour is a light orange shade with golden glitter. It reminds me a bit of Gold Dust. In the jar it looks like orange, but a closer look shows you the glitter and the swatch gives you a warm golden colour.

Sunstone is a bit salmon coloured in the jar, but it's more of a ligt orange on the skin It does have that salmon shine to it though, just a bit.

 With flash:

Fox is a soft red with red glitters in it, if you look at the jar. But on the skin the glitters appear to be silver. This red looks almost metallic with a great shine if you use it wet or unblended.

Rose Gold is a soft pink with a golden shine. It has really really tiny golden glitters in it. A gorgeous colour for pink lovers!

Rosewood is a nice combination between pink and red. It's like a softer version of Fox.

Honestly, these are the ones less used in my stash. I think I'd recommend Fox and Rosewood, because they are easy to use as red, without having the 'i-'ve-cried-my-eyes-out-look', and I'd recommend RoseGold for the pink lovers.


  1. Wow the difference between flash and non flash is amazing! I really like the sunstone color.

  2. + 1 I think Sunstone and glamour are really pretty!
    The other colours are great as well, for when you want to use reds and pinks.