Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Review & Swatches: Essence Metallics Nailpolishes

As promised, here are swatches of the LE Metallics collection. I've used al 5 colours on my nails, so you can see them all next to eachother. Yes, 5 , because I found one no. 2 bottle in Amsterdam, and boy was I glad that I did!

Iron Goddess, Copper Rulez!, Steel Me, Nothing Else Metals, Metal Battle

I've applied the colours in the same order as they are shown in the picture above.

Iron Goddess is a soft brown colour with a metallic shine. It's not really my kind of colour, but I expect a lot of people will like this colour. It's a bit to boring for me. The magnet worked perfect on this one, I tried the diagonal way, and it went fine. I expect the vertical and horizontal ways to be fine aswell. Although I think horizontally might be a bit more difficult since the polish strechs a bit while applying. I suspect vertically to be very easy. The applying of the colour was very easy, one coat covers all and it dries very fast. Be sure to have the magnet near you if you want to use it.

Copper Rulez! is a dark brown with a fantastic copper shimmer in it. This colour really screams Steampunk at me, I love it! This colour was one of the easiest to try with the magnet. I suspect that the shimmers in it are much more magnetic, wich makes the stripes appear much easier. The stripes are pretty dark and give a great contrast. I suspect all 3 different ways for the magnet to be used will be great and easy. The application of this polish was easy and it also dried very fast.

Steel Me is a nice dark grey polish with silver shimmer in it. This one was the second one that was very easy to use the magnet on. Immediately the darker stripes appeared. I once again suspect it to be the shimmers in this polish, making it easier to use. Application was like the rest.

Nothing Else Metals is a very unusual colour. It's kinda like a light golden mossy green. Or something..lol. Anyway, I like it! The stripes were a bit lighter on this one, and it's effect is more similar to Iron Goddess. I suspect this one to be easier if you use vertical stripes. I'm not sure though :) Application was easy peasy.

Metal Battle is a very nice dark colour with dark blue shimmers in them. They aren't very noticable on the nails unfortunately unless you're in the sun. This is a gorgeous polish which is NOT magnetic. SO trying that would be foolish :P

Now I have been reading reviews where people did not get stripes on Steel Me, which amazed me. Be sure to hold the magnet very close to the nail and move the magnet in the way you want the stripes..OR..move you nail that way. If you hold the magnet horizontally, thats the way the magnetic stripes will be shown on your nail. If you're interested in seeing them: apply a small amount of polish on the magnet and whipe it over it with a cottonswap and some remover. When I bumped my nails on it, that's how I saw the appear :)

All in all, great polish, great colours and funny nail art. I must say the nail art is something you should have some experience with, or you'll probably end up bumping your nails on the magnet a few times. Still, it's a funny result. But, even if you don't like th nail art, the polishes in itself are of a gorgeous colour AND they dry amazingly fast. Always handy to have some of those laying around ;)

Tomorrow I'll post a blog about aan eyeshadow palette from this collection! So stay tuned!


  1. I want them all as well!
    Currently I have 3 of them, but I'm still searching for two as them, and for the palettes ;)