Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Review & EOTD: Essence Metallics: Nothing Else Metals palette

This is an EOTD I made with the Nothing Else Metals palette from the LE Metallics collection by Essence.

First of all, I've had Essence palettes that didn't have much pigmentation and dissapeared during the day, but even though these colours are soft and light, they ARE pretty pigmentated. They stayed on ALL day during the workday, on just Hema base. So now we've gotten that out of the way, let's take a closer look at the colours.

The first one on the left, is a very nice highlight colour. It's a soft nudish colour with a golden shine.
The one next to that one, is a very nice golden colour with a hint of olive in it. There are tiny golden shimmers in it, that show up on the skin. Not much, but they are there.
The on on the bottom left, is olive toned silver....or a silvertoned green..I'm not sure, hahaha. On the skin it looks more like a goldengreen to me.
The on on the bottom right is a black(or a very darkgreen?) with copper shimmers in it. The shimmers are visible on skin, but are very easily wiped away, which is a bit of a shame. When you blend your colours, you also blend away the shimmers. This is a a bit crumblier then the rest aswell.
The gelliner on the bottom looks like a brown, but is mixed with grey or green somehow which makes it a softer colour.

I like the colours a lot, and they compliment my eyecolour, which is a weird mix between greyblue and green with brownspots :P

 I used the second colour all over my eyelid. Then I used the bottomleft in and above my crease. They are both very soft to the skin and apply easily. Even though they appear soft in colour, they still have a beautifull shine to them.

I used the first colour as a highlighter below my brows and towards the rest of my eye. It gives a beautifull soft golden shine to the skin.

 I applied the darker colour in my outer V and a bit extra in the crease. Thi one is a bit harder to apply evenly, probably because it's a bit chunkier due to the shimmers. I blended it a bit to tone it down, and the shimmers dissapeared on me.

Below my eyes I applied the second colour in my inner eye corner, and some Gosh velvet touch eyeliner Metallic Brass on the rest. This fits perfectly with the colours of the palette by the way!
Above my upperlashes I also applied the gelliner of the palette, which was very easy to use and glided on my skin like butter.(ieeeuuuwww butter on my eye!, okay, you catch my drift, right?) Anyway, the liner is of a nice soft greybrown colour or seomthing like it, lol, and really colpiments the rest of the palette.

All in all a very nice palette for 3,79 euros I think it was. I also have the Copper Rulez!, which I had first bought for a giveaway, but I'm now fighting with myself to try it out and keep it..... we'll see. And don't worry, I've bought some of the metallic polishes for a giveaway aswell.


  1. Pretty palette, and a very lovely look! :)

  2. Nice look!
    Just like you said, it really brings out the colour of your eyes :D.

    I have the silver palette myself, and it's lovely!