Friday, November 19, 2010

NOTD: China Glaze, Awakening, Mummy May I

This NOTD was done with the gorgeous China Glaze polish Mummy May I, from the Awakening collection.
I haven't worn this polish before, so it was time to show it to you all.
Don't mind the glitter on my fingers..that's what you egt when you have to clean up glitterpolish.

  I first applied one thin coat, which is a purple with magenta/pink glitters in it.

Then I applied a second, thicker coat, which made the polish look black with magenta/pink glitter.
On the pics it looks more like a dark purple though, which it probably is.

This is a gorgeous polish, which applies easy and dries normally. I haven't used a topcoat, because it's not gritty enough to be annoying. It's actually pretty smooth for a glitter polish.


  1. Love this polish!
    Even though my boyfriend keeps insisting it looks like the paint on those bumper cars you see on fairs every fall >.< Think someone has celebrated Leids Ontzet a bit too much! ^^

  2. OMG I LOVE THIS ONE!! purple rocks!

  3. This one is pretty!
    Nice dark, glittery purple.