Monday, November 8, 2010

My cats....

...are pretty weird....sweet, but weird. (Lik their owners, hahaha) They tend to climb the walls, literally, jump on peoples shoulders and threaten to throw stuff on the floor when you don't get their food fast enough.
They even watch the clock. When one of them threatens to swipe something off the table with his paw, or already has, we say ''no Odin, it's not time for dinner yet, look at the clock''.
And at EXACTLY the right time, they come to you, pawing you and if you don't react, swiping stuff from the table so you'll notice.

They are sweet 2 though, Greebo always licks your forehead when you have a headache, it feels like sandpaper, but still, it's the intention that counts, right? And if a fly comes in, Loki will run after it, and catch it for you in midair. That he knocks things around while doing that, and that she makes yucky sounds when he eats the fly..well...that's not his fault...

And ofcourse, they always try to help...
I'm someone who always had a blanket on the couch, but sometimes, especially in winter, that's not enough. So I make a hot water bottle, well, usually hubs does it for me :) Now Greebo tends to want to lay on or near me everyday, which is warm, so I don't really mind.
But this time, I didn't even get the chance to lay the hot water bottle at my feet.

This is what happened...

See the small piece of grey in the left corner? Thats me, with a warm fleece vest, and my hot water bottle. See where my knees are? Thats about 1/3rd of my couch....
Just look at Loki's expression, he KNOWS he's making me uncomfortable.But he also knows, I wouldn't make him leave, because I love having them near me. They usually do the same thing with our bed.....I have 1/3rd of my part of the bed, and Loki and Odin are laying against my legs and using the rest of the bed to lay comfortably.
Still, it WAS very warm and cozy, and we all fell asleep that way :)


  1. Ah cats are fun - I just got m first cat and its such a difference to dogs. He likes hiding under stairs or behind doors and jumping out to "capture" me. He is only 5kgs or less and one day I heard a commotion and came in and found him in top of the fridge. Seeing the only way up was from a standing jump I couldn't be made at such a feat.

  2. So adorable! I have three cats as well, a stray, an unknown half breed we adopted through a site that had sick cats up for curing/adoption, and a half Persian whom we adopted last year from the animal welfare organization I worked for. They're all very similar to your cats (: I think the more you love cats and treat them as family members the more personality they show.

    Is one of your cats an Egyptian Mau by any chance?! Definitely looks like one!

  3. Cute kitties, I love the picture of the one jumping. =)

  4. Oh I love cats!
    I have one myself, she's adorable and sweet.
    I'd love to have more cats but my cat isn't very social with other animals/cats so that probably isn't a great idea.

    Your cats are amazing btw!
    It's nice to have a group of cats to interact with you and with each other.
    I love that cats are real person, they show real character.
    They get grumpy and annoyed, they get happy and playful, they get hungry and then give you looks like they haven't eaten in years lol.
    I just love them, and couldn't live without my sweet little cat!