Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gosh Discount & Essence Bargain at Kruidvat!

As of TODAY, Gosh will have a 30% discount on all  the eye products at Kruidvat.
Also, the new Miss Gosh is presented in the flyer aswell.
Congratulations Shanna!

And Essence will have a bargain at Kruidvat where the second product is half price.
Which is really awesome, considering that the new METALLICS collection will be out. I definately want all the nailpolishes and maybe the lipsticks, just for fun. Hopefully our Kruidvat will have them this time, they are usually very very late.


  1. In your post it says that ther is a 30% discount on all Gosh products.
    This is incorrect!

    There is a 30% discount on all Gosh EYE products, just so you know :).

  2. I must have read that wrong, thanx for letting me know! :)