Thursday, November 18, 2010

First time making sushi..

Last saturday, I had the whole day off.... I had the whole weekend off, which I don't get a lot. Also, it was a weekend where we didn't have any plans to go out. Once in a while, that alone is something that can make me look forward to it sooooooo badly. So we decided to have pyjamaweekend. :)

On saturday we decided to make sushi, which I've never done before.
This is how the table looked when we started....just all the ingredients we thought we wanted to use.

This is what I saw, when I looked next to the table.... Loki tried to hypnotize me in givimg him the fish, Greebo was planning a raid or something. Odin was somwhere else in the room, trying to figure out if why we were in the kitchen. Odin isn't that smart...

Rolling a sushi....see how Greebo is lurking there?
And yes, I love fisheggs, sue me.

Loki is much more bold in his plans to conquer the fish..
Oh btw, see that bathrobe? That's me. I told you it was pyjamaweekend! Yeah , I know a bathrobe isn't a pyjama, but my 'pyjamas' tend to be skimpy outfits, and those are cold :P

Look look look! *proud* My first selfmade sushi...and it even looks edible!
*takes a bow*

When tasting the sushi we came to 2 conclusions:
1. red union was not a flavour we wanted in our sushi. So I peeled them out with my sticks and put in cucumber instead.
2. my sushimaking skills weren't fabulous yet: they were a bit too big, which made eating them not so easy and we were pretty filled up, pretty fast. Next time, I'm making them snacksize.

Still, they were quite tasty and they were gorgeous to look at:

Okay, now I'm getting hungry....


  1. Ohhhhh I love making sushi at home! But I cut the seaweed in half so they're not huge and I also like using fresh salmon. Next time, try to make some with cream cheese. With cucumber or salmon it makes a delicious combo!! I wonder where you got the caviar. I can't find in my supermarkets here in Utrecht area.

  2. Dat ziet er goed uit! Nu krijg ik honger :)

  3. Creamcheese, yay, why didn't I think of that...

  4. Those look delicious!
    Funny though, I went to a sushi restaurant that same day :D
    I think making them yourself is much more fun though, so I'm gonna try it too sometime :)

  5. I'm not a sushi fan but I always find the way it looks very appealing. Too bad I don't enjoy eating it :(
    Anyway, your work looks great! And your cats are just adorable, wish I could keep one too *sighs*

    Velvet Voice

  6. @thifa, next time, im def cutting them in 2, thats the first thing I said after I tried to put one whole in my mouth, haha. I'm not a fan of creamcheese though. I always buy the fake caviar at Deka or Deen. Deka usually has just the black ones in the isle with all the tinned fish. Deen ujsually has the red and black one, in the coolpart between the salmon, eel and such.

    @honey, way to cute for his own good ;)

    @perfectly ordinary, me 2!

    @nocty, haha should have known it was something you might like :)

    @morrigan, its a lot of fun and probably a whole lot cheaper aswell.

    @velvet vioce, it does look like artwork doesn't it? Why cant you keep a cat?

  7. Oh Gaaaawd...can't wait to go home and have sushi!!!

  8. Oh great to know it's possible to get those here but we don't have Deka or Deen in Utrecht.. But whenever I see some in the neighborhood I'll remember to check it out.

  9. @thifa, you could go to the local fishshop, they usually have it. Ours didnt because our Deka and Deen already sold it. (and they didnt sell enough beacuse of it) It's exactly the same brand though.

  10. O I LOVE SushI!!!
    I have never made it myself, but I will someday soon :D.
    Sushi is by far my favourite food.
    Sadly it's very expensive to eat it in a restaurant and not very good when you buy it at the supermarket.

    BTW you've done a great job!
    Your sushi looks awesome :D>

  11. I hope you shared your creation with those kitties with wanting eyes!