Thursday, November 11, 2010

Essence Metallics Collection Haul

Normally, I have to wait, and see tweets from people buying LE stuffies, and I have to hope that the collection will eventually show up at my Kruidvat. Always dreading to hear that they decided not to put it on the shelves or order it. For example, the Gosh Autumn look was now in stock, finally...but only the palettes, nothing else.

This time however, the Essence LE collection was already in store!

So here's what I bought:

01 Iron Goddess, a light brownish colour, which I might put in a giveaway...
03 Steel Me, a silvery grey, which creates darker stripes(as Ive seen on my collegue's nails) (I have another bottle for a giveaway!)
04 Nothing Else Metals,  a gorgeous light goldgreenish colour, I bought 2 of these, cause it's so beautifull.
05 Metal Battle, a very dark grey/black colour that on closer look, has sort of blue shimmer in it? Gorgeous. Bought 2 of these aswell.

For some weird reason, there wasn't a single number 02 in sight. So if anyone has a Kruidvat that has it, I would love to get one myself ;)

And ofcourse the magnet that you can use on the polishes to create a special effect:

One of my collegues already had Steel Me on her fingers today, and the effect was pretty funny. She said it takes a little time to get the effect, so we'll see :)

And I bought the three lipsticks, because I thought they might come in handy with fantasy fairs and such:

01 Metal Battle, a very dark grey with lots of shimmer
02 Steel Me, silver with lots of shimmer
03 Iron Goddess, golden with lots of shimmer


  1. Lovely polishes and lip sticks!
    I really hope that my Kruidvat has them in stock (and the rest of the collection as well) and that it isn't sold out allready!!!

    Will you post swatches soon?

  2. I have the nailpolish 03, and the magnet. It just works really bad, and I don't get stripes in it or something. But the nailpolish is very pretty! x

  3. @freya I plan to try the polishes this weekend, so I'll post the swatches as soon as possible.
    I've also bought number 2 today, so I have all the polsihes now :)

    @elize it tkaes some time to get the stripes according to my collegue. She said it's a bit slow in use. She did have stripes on her nails. Honestly though, I bought these because I love the metallic colours, the metal stripes effect is just a bonus for me.