Saturday, November 20, 2010

EOTD Winter Silver

Hello OhMyGosh Readers :)

Today I want to share one of my all times favorite looks.

Most of my favorite makeup looks were created out of sheer inspirational boredom. This is why my hair won't always be good, actually it will rarely happen. lol

>> For this look I used these <<

I used the black grey scale of the 120 palette and the blushes from the 46 palette. A little of the black too but not too much, I wanted this look to be soft and shiny.

>>> Here's the details <<<

I used the light silver color in the first 2/3 of the eye, overlapped the true silver on it and through the other 3rd. I made the outer V with the charcoal shiny gray and intensified the borders with a little black. I used the white to highlight my brows and illuminate the inner corner. Also, I used a light shinny gray on top to make it more shiny. I'm using my favorite lashes here. They look incredibly natural and when I bought these on eBay, I got two b/c I never want to be without those. :)))))

>>> Here's the finished look <<<

I also used an eyeshadow by Coastal Scents no longer sold which is a sheer shimmery glittery silver all over the lid after the look was done. That can be replaced by any effect powder with some fine silver glitter in it.

I hope you all enjoyed it!

Until next time,
Huggles to all!



  1. Pretty!
    This look is really soft and shiny and something I would wear, since silver/grey looks good on me :D.
    Also the false lashes are awesome!
    Are you wearing anything on your lips?

  2. @ Freya - Yes, a frosty light pink lipstick with a dash of golden eyeshadow to make a peach-ish tone.

  3. Very pretty!! The silver looks really good with your eyes :)

  4. I really like the colour on your lips :D , I have several lipsticks and glosses with similar colours, because they go with almost everything.

  5. Very beautiful!! How much would it take to fly you to my wedding so you can do my makeup??? haha