Friday, November 26, 2010

EOTD: Beautiful People

Hello OhMyGosh readers :)

Today I want to share with you a look I saw on the canceled series Beautiful People with Mischa Barton. I don't know if you guys watched it or remember it, but there was one episode (there weren't many haha), the one with the gold GUCCI dress. There was this photoshoot where they wore this amazing eyes, silvery black with a hint of blue. I fell in love with it and had to make one like it.

>>> Here it is <<<

>>> And here's what I used <<<

  As a base I used a dark blue gel liner and made the basic shape, on the lid and under. The trick I use when using a dark shadow base is to smudge the borders as much as I can to make the transition as smooth as possible.

On top of it I used the dark charcoal all over the lid, black on the outer V and under the eye. I used the silver as a highlight and used an eyeshadow by Coastal Scents no longer sold which is a sheer shimmery glittery silver all over the lid and specially on the inner corners. I also used a teal interference effect powder lightly over the lid to give it a little "color". I highlighted my brows with a pure white shadow.

I'm also wearing my favorite lashes I told you about. :))) You can notice that even tho I circled my eye entierly with a dark color I still used silver on top of it on the inner corners to lighten up and try to not to let the dark color close my eye too much. I think it made a very good compromise. It's still bright but dark at the same time.

I hope you all enjoyed it!

Until next time,
Huggles to all!



  1. OMG paula!! You really look good! and I don't know but did you just read my mind? because I actually wants to ask advice from you and Janny about this look. I'm going to attend a sort of Christmas party and I'm thinking that I want some smokey-eyes effect thing. and wow! you just blogged it! I just have to find a perfect dark gray or blue? that you have there. By the way, I'm still undecided of what color of dress should I wear but you think these colors fit on any?

  2. Wow that looks amazingly beautiful! I wish I could pull off red lipstick. I think I would look trampy... but you look so classic! I love it!

    I feel like I can't afford the stuff around here to make up that look. Do you have any suggestions?? All the eyeshadows around here run from like 7-20 dollars... of course depending on what you get.

  3. @Honey: This eyes fits pretty much on any color dress. But i think would fit better on Silver, White, Blue and Black. You can pull off red with this look too. To replace the dark blue gel liner I used as base you can use a soft dark blue eyeliner pencil all over the lid. It works just as the same.

    @Lyndsay: OMG dont EVER tell me you can't find cheap stuff!!! Almost all my makeup either came from ebay or the US. Specially my NYX products. I advise you check out I believe they got 20% off this black friday. NYX is very cheap and it is one of my favorite brands. To me, it wins over MAC due to price/color-pay ratio! The rest of the stuff can be found on the Coastal Scents website. The perfect red is hard to find. What you see in the pic is 1 red lip liner plus 2 diff shades of red. I wont lie to you it took me about 6 wrong reds to find the perfect shade (or in this case shades) I used NYX's Snow White and a Natura Shade.

  4. I never thought about using EBAY to get makeup! Thanks! I just can't justify spending money on Revelon, Lorel, and MAC is so expensive!

  5. Love the look!
    Its really glamorous and perfect for the upcoming party season :D!