Monday, November 22, 2010

Coming up thisweek!

This week, I'll post blogs with swatches of all the Gosh Effect Powders that I own.
There are quite a lot, so I've decided to post them in different blogs.

I have 23 Gosh Effect Powders, yes, seriously.
Some are new, some are discons. Some I've bought in the stores at full prize or at the buy one get one free sale, but mostly are bought online from other people. Saved my quite some money with that ;)

So finally I have done what came out of the poll on the blog, made swatches of the effect powders. I didn't have the best op lighting, but I did my best, and most pictures turned out good enough to be able to see the great effect of these powders.

I hope you'll enjoy!


  1. Nice :D.
    I think the Gosh effect powders are really pretty and I'd really like to see the swacthes so I can decide which I want :D.
    I have to Gosh effect Powders myself, an apple like green and a silver with holographic glitter ;).
    Also, there is a discount at kruidvat this week on ALL make-up products from ALL brands!

  2. 23?! Wow! Haha gaaf :D Ik vind het zelf altijd zo leuk als ik er in de kortingsbak zie liggen ;)

  3. @suzy, bij ons liggen ze zelden in de kortingsbak, en als ze er al liggen, kosten ze dan nog vaak 5 euro..niet echt sale zeg maar.

    @freya the applegreen is one of my favourites :)
    hmm I didnt know...maybe i should check out the bigger Kruidvat in our city, they have much more.