Thursday, October 21, 2010

Surprise Box of goodies

A while ago, there was a request at Enchanting Beauty, for an artist to design a birthcard. Since I'm married to someone who draws and paints and has lots of people running around with his designs on their bodies, I thought I'd ask him if he was interested. Sid had never done such a thing, be he said he'd like to do it, so I told Enchanting Beauty the same thing. Recently, the card was finished and because they wanted to thank Sid and Sid didn't want to be paid, they said they would send us a package with goodies.
And BOY did they!!
I still think that they shouldn't have, but I AM really really happy with the stuff they send me. I seriously had to pick my jaw up from the floor, when I opened the box.
Wanna see? (the goodies, not my jaw lying on the floor :P )

Need a moment? Beacause I sure as hell did! WOW, this is a lot of stuff!

Let me walk you through this enormous amount of stuff....

A Kenji tattoo stamp ( need to order the ink soon! really want to try it out)
Sugarpill fake lashes Dewdrop Kisses. (I used those in the Halloween Mermaid Look)
A testkit with eyecream and eye serum
NYX Glitter Mania Discoball and Blue
Colorclub Bewitching Halloween set...sooooo kewl, with awesome halloween nailart stickers!
NYX jumbo pencil Purple Velvet

SugarPill - Goldilux, best gold powder I've ever seen
Konad Special polishes Dark Red and Red Wine
Sugarpill Midori
Konad Special Princess polish Violet Pearl
Sleek I-Dust Spellbound

Konad Silk Therapy, really interested in this one!
Iloje Orange Vita Pure Peeling Gel
Iloje Orange Vita Foam Cleansing

Konad stampingplate with christmass images and one with halloween images, awesome!

Coastel Scents, Creative me #2 palette
Coastel Scents eyeshadow pencil, Vanilla Chocolate
Coastal Scents Passion Berry lipquad

Bead Tattoo KTG 24
Bead Tattoo KTG09
Essie Kiwi & Lime body and handlotion

So...with this package and my birthday hauls...I'll be busy doing a lot of testing for reviews and doing a lot of eotd's and notd's. :)


  1. wow just wow!! *picks up jaw* lol

  2. Wauw wat lief! Jammer voor SId dat hij het niet gebruikt ;-). Alhoewel, de nagellak zou natuurlijk wel kunnen...

  3. HOLYYY SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn girl! (That's all I can say really =D )

  4. You lucky girl! Had ik maar een vriend die dat kon ;-)

  5. @honey & Beda, I know!!!! :)

    @meyke, wel hoor, hij was al erg geintereseert in de silk therapy, en de cleansing gel enzo gaat hij ook heus wel gebruiken.

    @arantxa, meestal vraagt hij goede flessen whisky voor zn tattooontwerpen, daar heb ik niet zoveel aan hoor, ahhaha.