Thursday, October 28, 2010

Review & Swatches: Gosh Nail Lacquer Miss Minty

This is an NOTD with the Gosh lacquer Miss Minty:

This is with 2 coats, which seems to be okay, but after working a few hours right afterapplying it, the polish had a lot of dents and opaque bits to it. I forgot to make a picture of it though.

It applies easy and dries pretty quickly aswell. I'm not into this colour, because I really don't like pastels, but I got a lot of compliments on my nails when I had this mani.

Since I wanted to test the polish for durability, but wasn't liking the colour much, I used some dark green konad polish to stamp some nails and give it something extra. I had first applied an extra layer of polish to make the coverage perfect again, which makes it 3 coats, and later on the INM topcoat.

I got a whole new round of compliments on this mani. I'm still not really into it, but  I guess it started to grow on me. At least it was a bit inspired by Totem(circqu du soleil), because Totem is partly about animals and the Totem poster had lots of greens in it.

The polish lasted this way for dayyyyys, which honestly baffled me a bit. I don't have a lot of great experiences with this count of polishes, the creamy ones. But this one really lasts!
To be honest, I did get really tiny and vague scratches on my nails after 4 days, but you can only see those upclose.

I still think it reminds me of Tipp-ex, which was used by kids ages ago to paint their nails. I never understood that, as I still don't understand the hype for mint and brown polishes.
But I've never really been a girl for hypes, and if you love pastels this is definately a polish I can recommend. It will be available at the at of November at Kruidvat for 6,99 euros.

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    Ok, I really liked it! A lot! :) Great color.